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Wear the Perfect Accessory…Art on Your Face

Posted on Sep 01, 2018 in The Artful Eye , fashion , sunglasses , September–October 2018

Front: Cartier De’cor with Buffalo Horn; Back left: Chanel sun wear C101/S4; Back right: Dita Decade-Two Limited Edition sunglasses

While choosing your new fall outfits and beach cover ups, you will need to think of the most important beach accessory — your sunglasses. If you want to protect your eyes and make a unique fashion statement at the same time, you must check out the luxury lines of eyewear offered at The Artful Eye in Central Square.

The Artful Eye is an exclusive carrier of luxury brand eyewear to include Chanel, Dita and Cartier. These are only available in top quality boutiques meeting a long list of stringent requirements. These lines of glasses offer the UVA and UVB protection customers have come to expect. But in addition, they have highest quality lenses and a level of manufacturing in the frames with attention to detail and quality not seen in other brands, all while giving a level of workmanship and function found only in top tier manufacturers. Dita offers sturdy titanium frames with 18-karat gold plating. Cartier takes their success with gemstones and incorporates precious gems such as diamonds, emeralds and pearls into frames that make a statement. Chanel takes care to hand polish each frame signed with Chanel’s signature baroque matte metal double C.

Find your luxe eyewear at Artful Eye, from $350. In October look for them in their new, larger and renovated location (also in Central Square) near 45 Central.

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