Amavida Coffee Named Finalist in 2024 Specialty Coffee Association Sustainability Awards

Amavida Coffee and Trading Company, a Seaside, Florida community staple, has been recognized as a finalist in the 2024 Sustainability Awards by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). This accolade highlights Amavida’s dedication to sustainability within the specialty coffee industry.

For over two decades, Amavida has been a beacon of sustainability and flavor, offering organic, fair-trade specialty coffees and teas to locals and visitors alike in Seaside, Florida, and surrounding communities. With a dedication to supporting local farmers and reducing their ecological footprint, Amavida embodies the essence of mindful consumption and community involvement.

With initiatives ranging from sourcing certified fair trade and organic coffees to investing in renewable energy and waste reduction, Amavida demonstrates a steadfast commitment to ethical and sustainable trade. Their dedication extends beyond business operations, encompassing educational outreach, charitable contributions, and active involvement in sustainability initiatives.

The 2024 Sustainability Awards honors companies and organizations demonstrating innovation, collaboration, and positive impact across the coffee value chain. Amavida’s selection as a finalist underscores its commitment to sustainable practices and its contributions to the broader coffee community.

“Amavida’s commitment to sustainability not only enhances our community but sets a commendable standard for others to follow. We’re proud to have them as a Merchant in Seaside, and this recognition further solidifies Amavida’s integral role in our community.” – Gigi Brantley, Commercial Leasing Manager in SEASIDE®

The finalists, including Amavida, were chosen by a committee of SCA staff from a pool of submissions. Winners will be announced on SCA channels later this month, with formal recognition ceremonies to follow at industry events.

Amavida’s recognition among the finalists reaffirms its position as a leader in sustainability within the coffee industry. We congratulate Amavida Coffee and Trading Company on this achievement and look forward to their continued positive impact on the coffee industry and the SEASIDE® community.

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