Refresh Your Reading List at Sundog Books This Spring

Springtime in Seaside is a season of renewal, both for nature and our lives. It’s a time when the vibrant energy of new beginnings inspires us to refresh our spaces, our habits, and yes, our reading lists.

As the days grow longer and the world around us blooms, Sundog Books invites you to rejuvenate your literary palette.

Let’s dive into how you can spice up your spring with books, connection, and the great outdoors.

Revitalize your reading list with new spring releases

This is the ideal season to give your bookshelf a makeover. With new titles like “Beautyland” by Marie-Helene Bertino and others making their debut, there’s no better time to add fresh perspectives to your collection and to-be-read pile. Did you know that reading new literature can boost creativity and empathy?

Researchers have found that diving into diverse stories can enrich our understanding and appreciation of the world around us. Let the vibrant stories inspire your next reading adventure, adding a splash of  excitement to your literary journey.

Go to an author event

At Sundog Books, catching an author signing on our picturesque porch is a real treat. It’s a laid-back way to meet your favorite writers and get your books signed, all with our town’s beautiful scenery as a backdrop. But don’t stop there. Author events across the country are a fantastic way to dive deeper into the literary world. Attending these events can significantly enrich your reading experience.

Whether it’s engaging in lively discussions, discovering new authors, or simply soaking in the atmosphere, there’s something incredibly rewarding about being part of a live literary event.

Explore the outdoors with a book in hand

Sundog Books: Celebrating 35 Years of Literary Excellence

There’s something magical about reading in the fresh air, surrounded by the natural beauty of spring. As temperatures become more pleasant, consider taking your book outside to enjoy. Studies suggest that reading outdoors can not only improve your mood but also enhance your comprehension and retention of the material. Whether it’s in your backyard, a local park, or at the beach, find the ideal setting for your next reading escape.

Let Sundog Books be your guide to a season filled with literary exploration and discovery. With each page turned, may you find joy, wonder, and the endless possibilities that reading brings.

Sundog’s Seasonal Selections

Our top picks for spring are sure to captivate and enchant, offering something for every reader:

“Beautyland” by Marie-Helene Bertino 

This imaginative tale transports readers to a world where the lines between earth and the cosmos blur. Bertino crafts a story that’s as whimsical as it is profound, exploring the human condition through the eyes of a uniquely perceptive protagonist. Ideal for those seeking a narrative that combines earthly challenges with celestial whispers.

“The Warm Hands of Ghosts” by Katherine Arden

Arden weaves a tapestry of history and fantasy, bringing together the heartaches of the past with the mystical. This novel is a testament to resilience, exploring how the spirits of history and the personal journeys of the living intertwine. It’s an ideal read for those who love to find the magic hidden within the real world.

“The Book of Love” by Kelly Link

With her debut novel, Link invites us into an expansive tale of adolescence, magic and the complexities of small-town life. This is storytelling at its most inventive, promising a journey that’s as unpredictable as it is engaging. Readers will find themselves lost in the intricacies of Link’s imagination, making the intriguing tale ideal for spring days spent lounging in the sun.

“The Hunter” by Tana French

French returns with a gripping mystery that captures the essence of suspense. Set against the backdrop of the Irish countryside, this novel explores the shadows that past actions cast on the present, making it an exhilarating read for those who crave stories with depth, darkness, and a hint of hope.

“You Like It Darker: Stories” by Stephen King

King’s latest collection offers a mosaic of terror and wonder, with stories that range from the eerily familiar to the unsettlingly bizarre. Each tale is a masterclass in storytelling, proving once again why King remains a titan of the genre. These stories are ideal companions for the lengthening evenings of spring, when the world is a blend of light and shadow.

About Michelle Hayes Uhlfelder

Michelle is deeply honored to lead the marketing narrative for Sundog Books, a role she has grown into over her six-year association with the nationally recognized indie bookstore. Her gratitude extends to the White Family for welcoming her into the Sundog family. Living in WaterColor for 16 years with her husband and their children, who are students at Seaside Neighborhood School, she has woven the threads of her personal and professional life through the heart of the community. Michelle’s bond with the area enhances her dedication to Sundog Books, a local haven where the love for stories and vibrant conversations is ever present.

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