Central Square Records employees share favorite albums for fall

Central Square Records employees share favorite albums for fall

A few beloved employees of Central Square Records, Allison, CiCi, and Matt, gave The Seaside Times a look at what’s currently happening in the music industry as well as a peek at the hottest fall releases.

Allison shared that she has no doubt rising teen popstar Olivia Rodrigo’s “Sour” album will be the biggest hit coming to the store this fall, and Matt believes Taylor Swift’s “folklore” will be a close second. Although both albums are currently available on streaming services, they explained that vinyl records take longer to be released due to the pressing process and what some may call time, love and care.

Swift even released some signed “evermore” CDs to the record store. While they flew off the shelves, make sure to check and see if any are still left when stopping by for “folklore” on vinyl.

Central Square Records houses just about every genre, from high energy pop, rock, and hip hop to classic smooth jazz and country artists. The indie record shop even carries some mashup albums, which blend the recordings of various songs to form an entirely new musical composition with an effortlessly harmonious sound.

Central Square Records also hosts a bi-annual Record Store Day where the shelves are stocked full of new titles that music lovers don’t want to miss, as well as record drops throughout the years. Visitors should plan on getting there as early as 8 a.m. because this popular event has lines wrapped around the store, with fans of artists like John Mayer, Clairo, Wavves, and Dave McMurray and record labels like Columbia Records, Republic Records and Loma Vista Recordings all offering exclusive releases.

Next time you stop into Central Square Records, make sure to ask an employee about their top recommendations, which they’re more than happy to share. Current employee favorites include David Bowie, Crumb, Faye Webster, Pond, and Nilüfer Yanya.

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