Sundog Books: Top Summer Beach Reads from the Independent Bookstore

Sundog Books: The best summer beach reads from the indie bookstore

If you’re looking for a buzzy book this summer, we’ve rounded up a beach read for everyone. There’s “Malibu Rising,” a tale about a family of surfers in Malibu, “The Soulmate Equation” for readers looking for a happy ending, and “Seven Days in June if you’re searching for something spicier.

Head to Sundog, grab one of these books, and pop them in your beach bag.

“Malibu Rising” by Taylor Jenkins Reid

If you (and your whole book club) loved Daisy Jones and the Six, you’ll go crazy for Malibu Rising, a story about the A-list Riva siblings trying to figure out their true purpose in life, all while making a go at being pro surfers.

The California-based author immerses readers in two entirely different worlds: the shrimp shack, surf town Malibu of the 1950s and the glamorous, star-studded Malibu of the 80s, offering readers a sun drenched escape complete with Hollywood stars both real and fake.

The story seamlessly bops back and forth between two generations, showcasing a ’50s housewife and then her children’s infamous ‘80s Malibu house party, complete with surfers and stars. It’s an ideal beach read as it quite literally transports you to the sand…but expect to shed a few tears along the way.

This one is for fans of early Susan Elizabeth Phillips and other emotionally charged authors who have mastered storytelling. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll strongly consider taking some surf lessons.

Jenkins Reid introduces new characters constantly but they’re all equally intriguing. You’ll be thinking about the surfer sibling long after you’ve finished reading.

“The Soulmate Equation” by Christina Lauren

If you can’t get enough of Netflix rom-coms, Christina Lauren’s sweet stories are for you. In “The Soulmate Equation” a just turned 30 single mom grapples with dating. On a whim, she signs up for the latest dating service, which matches couples based on a questionnaire and their DNA. She quickly realizes that she actually knows her perfect match but there’s just one catch…she doesn’t exactly like him.

While the book has a bit of a slower start, this one is perfect for a lazy day at the beach where you just want to escape with an inventive, love/hate story that takes a different look at what a “soulmate” really is.

“Seven Days in June” by Tia Williams

This spicy novel is about a reclusive writer and a single mom who meet at a literary event and attract attention from New York’s Black literary scene. But the secret (spoiler alert) is that they actually met and spent a week together 15 years beforehand. The surprisingly emotional book is a second chance romance for fans of Jasmine Guillory, complete with How Stella Got Her Groove Back vibes.

Author Tia Williams began her career writing for magazines including YM, Elle, and Essence, before publishing her debut novel, The Accidental Diva, in 2004. Her last novel, The Perfect Find, won the African American Literary Award for Best Fiction. Grab this one if you want a steamy beach read but make sure your kids don’t find it.

“The Last Goodbye” by Fiona Lucas

If you’re a fan of contemporary women’s fiction that will make you shed a tear or two, this book is for your beach bag. It’s about a woman named Anna who loses her husband, Spencer, in a tragic accident. When she calls his phone on New Year’s Eve to hear his voicemail greeting, a man picks up. She and Brody, the man who now has Spencer’s number, develop a relationship but Brody’s hiding something. This poignant tale is for fans of emotional authors like Cecelia Ahern.

“Everyone in This Room Will Someday Be Dead” by Emily Austin

Emily Austin’s debut novel is a darkly funny look at an anxious woman who becomes a receptionist for a Catholic church and becomes obsessed with her predecessor’s mysterious death. If you can’t stop listening to murder podcasts, think Fleabag’s second season was the best ever, and devoured the book “Mostly Dead things,” give this one a try.

“Palm Beach” by Mary Adkins

Palm Beach is a laugh out loud look at modern-day wealth. When a journalist who covers the mega-rich’s husband lands a job working for a Palm Beach billionaire, they relocate from New York City to South Florida and hijinks ensue. When they become friends with the family her husband is working for, things really get interesting. Grab this book if you’re looking for something a little bit meatier, but still just as beach day-worthy.

“Where The Grass Is Green And The Girls Are Pretty” by Lauren Weisberger

If you loved The Devil Wears Prada and can’t stop quoting the movie even years later, try the writer’s latest novel. The New York Times bestselling author’s new book is about two sisters living very different lives. Peyton is a wildly successful news anchor with a daughter heading to Princeton, while her sister, Skye, is a stay-at-home mom in the suburbs looking to escape the PTA. If you love watching Big Little Lies, this book has similar vibes – lots of intrigue and loads of glamour.

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