SEASIDE® Transportation Plan for 2024

As families and friends plan to vacation in SEASIDE® this year, we anticipate a bustling town center filled with award-winning shopping and dining enjoyed by those in SEASIDE® and other 30A communities. Whether you’re driving in for the day, planning to bike into town for the afternoon, or catching our complimentary shuttle, there’s an easy way for everyone to get to SEASIDE®.

Beginning March 8, 2024, the managed parking program will be in effect, with hourly rates partnered with our complimentary Seaside Shuttle, which is available for employees, guests, and locals. Like last year, the paid parking experience will have hourly rates along Smolian Circle, varying by day, occupancy levels, and events. This allows us to maintain proper vacancy levels so visitors have available parking to use and ensures that the parking is most efficiently managed. 

This year’s complimentary shuttle services will pick up at a reserved SEASIDE® lot off of Hwy. 331 S., just past the Sanctuary at 331 Apartment Complex, and drop off under the Lyceum Archway in the center of SEASIDE®. The shuttle is available to guests and employees and runs daily from 6 a.m. to midnight, with three shuttles running at all times. See the map below on where to catch the shuttle and the route. 

Upon arrival, you will notice signs placed around Smolian Circle letting you know what zone you have parked in. Input your license plate number and payment information, then head into SEASIDE® to enjoy your day! We encourage visitors to download The Passport Parking app in advance for a simple parking experience. The Passport Parking App can be downloaded here

Please note, if you are staying in SEASIDE® Town Center, the vacation rental agency you booked will provide you with a parking pass allowing parking in the areas for your stay. 

Over the last few years, we have listened to feedback from our guests, and we are happy to address some of the biggest questions about our managed parking program. 

Why is SEASIDE® doing this?

We aim to handle parking similarly to cities like New Orleans, Atlanta, and others. Before managed parking, cars could sit in one spot all day. With managed parking, we’re seeing at least two cars in that same spot. This translates to more parking for our guests and more customers for our merchants.

Why is SEASIDE® charging for parking?

Almost a decade ago, we noticed a parking challenge emerging along 30A. We embarked on a journey to find solutions, bringing in consultants, attending trainings, and developing our own systems. We engaged in numerous conversations with guests, merchants, and community members. The decision to manage our parking resulted from countless challenging discussions, collaborative efforts, and innovative proposals but our goal has always been clear: ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to experience the magic of SEASIDE®.

What do you do with all of the money?

During the season, SEASIDE® and its merchants have hundreds of employees who park off-site and take the complimentary shuttle to town, which is also open to guests and local use. The proceeds from paid parking cover the shuttle’s cost, as well as other associated expenses to our parking initiative.

How hard is it to pay for the parking?

It’s easy – first-time parking guests just scan the QR code, download the app, enter some basic information, and they’re all set to choose their parking time. After that, parking and using your existing account to pay for your spot is just a matter. We’re also working on an even more efficient “Text-To-Pay” option.

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