The Seaside Farmers Market Serves Fresh Local Foods Weekly

Nothing beats the selection of fresh seasonal produce and baked goods at the Seaside Farmers Market. And what better way to spend a morning than strolling in Central Square, sampling locally-made goodies? Join in on the fun by getting to know the farmers, bakers, crafters and artisans every Tuesday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

You’ll enjoy the fruits of their labor while also supporting local farmers and vendors. 

Treehouse Harvested

Microgreens, the seedlings of vegetables and herbs, provide big flavor with a nutritional punch. Nicole Portillo harvests her microgreens during the critical stage that maximizes both flavor and nutrition, around 10 days after germination. “At this stage, they hold four to 40 times the nutrients of a mature veggie,” Nicole explains. “I also grow them in the soil, rather than water, to soak up those nutrients, too.” 

Nicole houses her Organic non-GMO greens in a 10 x 6-foot building on her urban farm. “The greenery is temperature and humidity controlled,” Nicole adds, “as microgreens are super temperamental to grow.” Try Nicole’s cantaloupe greens, which have that sweet melon flavor. She also sells basil, cilantro, broccoli and more. 

Nottingham Farm

Paul Williams and his fiancée, Janice Simmons, run Nottingham Farm, an urban farm in Dothan, Al. Paul gets his hands dirty while Janice handles the business side of things. In addition to harvesting spring crops, the two are planning for the wedding on April 6.  

Look for Paul’s salad crops, lettuce, microgreens, pea shoots, sugar snap peas, turnips, beets and carrots. Come in the summer for the tomatoes, cucumbers, green onions and patty pan squash. 

Paul and Janice are happy to live their best lives working together, farming and seeing their harvest enjoyed by others. “Putting in the hard work and producing high quality products is important to us,” Paul says. “And being able to serve that to Seaside patrons and seeing how happy it makes them makes us happy.”

Old Dairy Barn

Michelle and Wayne Kent work on their 160-acre family farm in Chipley, producing fresh kefir, butter, yogurt and spreadable cheeses from their cows. Try their Farmers Cheese, which resembles feta due to its crumbly texture. “My kids eat it like popcorn,” Michelle says.

Michelle also brings to the market products made by her cousin, Donna Jo Kent, who also works on the farm. Check out Donna Jo’s pepper mustard, pepper sauce and jellies. And if you’re lucky when buying their fresh eggs, you might get rewarded with a double yolker. “I have one hen that lays a double yolker about once per week,” Michelle laughs.

The Kents are busy planting for summer harvest. Expect English peas, butter beans, green beans, sweet corn and potatoes.  

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