Seaside Farmers Market biscuits

Meet Mister Biscuits: The latest farmers market vendor serves up sweet vegan treats

Mister Biscuits is the newest vendor at the Seaside Farmers Market, started by Dustin Godfrey and his partner Angel. Dustin and Angel live in Chipley, where he was born and raised. Angel is from South Louisiana, and moved to Florida in 2013. Together, they’re serving up sweet treats with a wellness-focused twist: the baked goods they make are gluten-free or vegan.

If Dustin and Angel aren’t at the farmers market, they’re usually at home in their garden or renovating their soon-to-be magic school bus, making it into a livable off-grid tiny home.

We talked to Dustin about how he got started baking, how he met his partner, and all the baked goods you should be buying.

How did you get started?

I have a passion for food that goes back to my childhood. My father taught me how to cook simple dishes, which made me fall in love with cooking and realize the creative outlet it can be. This love for food led me to pursue a professional food career, allowing me to work in some unique settings alongside great chefs from all over.

After graduating from Gulf Coast State College, I attended The Art Institute in Jacksonville, Fla., where I intended on only receiving my bachelor’s degree in restaurant management. But after learning I had a talent for pastry, and with a little push from my chef, I decided to add to my education with an associate’s degree in baking and pastry. Pastry chefs are typically in high demand and short supply, so having this degree opened more doors to me.

Where did you work before?

My most recent employment was as the pastry chef for George’s at Alys Beach. Angel and I met at George’s when we were hired during the same season. My prior employment includes an assistant kitchen manager position with Another Broken Egg Cafe in Jacksonville, Fla., working on a food truck, and other back-of-house restaurant jobs.

What was next?

Angel and I moved to Colorado after leaving George’s. We lived in a fifth-wheel RV before and during our stay in Colorado. During this time we fell in love with the tiny home lifestyle, so when we moved back to Chipley in 2019 we decided to buy a bus and transform it into a fully off grid home, complete with a solar powered electrical system, a compostable toilet and a wood-burning stove. We strive to live the most peaceful, natural life possible, not taking more from Mother Earth than what is needed.

How did you team up with Angel?

When Angel and I first started dating, she had very little baking experience under her belt. Over the years, she’s learned and picked up the craft so well that I consider her an integral part of the baking team and of the business overall. Her attention to detail and problem-solving skills make her an excellent baker. I ask her opinion on items constantly, and I know that the response I get back will not only be genuine and honest, but extremely helpful. She has even started to create her own recipes. She created our muffins from scratch, and they’re turning out to be our most popular items. The business would definitely not be the same without her. We pride ourselves on being a team and working each market together. It just doesn’t feel right when the other isn’t there.

What brought you to the Seaside Farmers Market?

In 2019, we returned to Chipley with a plan to start our own small baking business. We had our sights set on The Seaside Farmers Market from the very start. In June of this year, after a year and a half of perfecting our recipes and working various markets, we were able to secure a spot in Seaside.

When did you get started in Seaside?

We’ve only been here a few months but already have regulars that we love to see and chat with every week. That’s why we love what we do, the connections we make from the markets. There are many people that we have met and only see at the markets, yet consider them dear friends.

What can people expect when they come to your booth?

Mr. Biscuits offers vegan and gluten-free pastries and breads that are always freshly baked. Our menu includes a variety of breads, muffins, cookies, scones and soft pretzels. We pride ourselves on quality, appearance and freshness!

How did you decide to sell vegan products?

When we first started at the markets, our pastries were full of real butter and cream. Shortly afterward, we began the journey of moving towards a mainly plant-based diet. We knew that for ethical reasons, this endeavor needed to extend to our business as well. This was a slow transition, because we wanted to make sure that our products had no change in taste, consistency or appearance. We worked for months, perfecting recipes one by one and releasing them as they were completed. We are delighted to say that the result is indistinguishable from our original product, and we do believe that some even got better! We cater to the vegan who is looking to be a little naughty and indulge. But to non-vegans, don’t be afraid, our pastries are to die for and you won’t even notice that they are plant based.

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