Biscuit and Bagel Bites at Seaside Farmers Market

Biscuit and Bagel Bites at Seaside Farmers Market

A new baker has joined the Seaside Farmers Market. Pete Goldman runs Breezy’s Bagels and Breezy’s Biscuits, giving visitors homemade bagels that make you feel like you’re in New York, and flaky biscuits that warm the soul.

Here’s what to know about the man behind your favorite baked goods.

Pete and his family have lived in Point Washington since 2019, moving from Frisco, Texas. His sister was a homeowner in Seaside, so they regularly vacationed in the area. He and his wife got married in Watersound in 2012. When his niece had her bat mitzvah in 2019, his family decided to relocate.

“It took us 30 days from that day and we were here,” Pete tells The Seaside Times. “My wife Tara, born and raised in Tallahassee, is more than half of the reason we came back.” They also wanted somewhere to raise their kids, Ethan, 9 and Ayla, 7.

Pete started cooking when he was 11 years old while growing up in South Florida. “My mom would shop for the ingredients and I would cook what I wanted to eat,” he says, joking, “Move over Shake ‘N Bake.” Over the years, he lived all over the country, including in New York, Arizona, New Mexico, Georgia and Texas.

He started baking in his 40s, beginning with cakes, breads and biscuits before taking on bagels.

Growing up in New York, in the Bronx and on Long Island, as well as in Fort Lauderdale, helped him learn what makes the perfect bagel.

“My favorite way to cook or bake is to first learn facts about the origin, ethnicity, variations and techniques that go into that type of product. Then I do some testing in the kitchen to learn the science behind it,” Pete explains.

Now, he enjoys having a farmers market stand because it gives his family a way to connect with visitors. He also appreciates the “whimsical and playful atmosphere” and how “the constant flow of market-goers creates a rhythmic wave of fun.”

Heading up his stand has allowed him to connect with everyone who comes by. “I personally crave the significant encounters where I connect intimately with folks who are in Seaside on purpose, not by accident. There’s a reason for all the visitors, all the residents and all the fun.”

Visit them at the Seaside Farmers Market every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.!

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