Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

Is there any beach access when we visit Seaside?

When you book a vacation home rental in Seaside, you gain access to the specific pavilion on the street where your home or cottage rental is located. (Each street is managed by its own HOA, and access is determined by location and HOA rules.) Outside of access guaranteed to rental guests, members of the public may access the beach at SEASIDE®’s Coleman Pavilion by booking through Cabana Man. You may book a chair rental ahead of time or can try walking up to make a reservation. Keep in mind, reservations may sell out during peak times. Reserve Here.

Why did you close the public beach access between Seaside & Watercolor?

The Van Ness Butler Regional Beach Access, located between Seaside and Watercolor, was previously a public beach access granted to the county under a legal agreement that allowed public use. That legal agreement is no longer in place, and the property is currently owned exclusively by Watercolor. In whole or in part, this property was never owned by Seaside.

 Why charge for parking when other areas don’t do this?

Seaside is proud to be a leader in the area with early adoption of community-minded solutions. Offering a public shuttle directly to Seaside as a complimentary perk to visitors is a large-scale responsibility that we opted to take on. As you can imagine, the cost for this endeavor is significant, and while we see this as an important amenity, the cost of parking works to partially cover that cost. We understand that paying for parking might be a new concept to some, but the goal is to keep the fees manageable for guests who prefer to park within Seaside.

Will you offer a free shuttle this year?

Seaside is again offering a shuttle that is accessible to guests, locals, and employees at no cost. Our complimentary shuttle will pick you up from a designated lot off of Hwy. 331. S and loop to Central Square, with pickup and drop off at the Lyceum gateway. Multiple shuttles run simultaneously to minimize wait times and accommodate as many riders as possible. Shuttle hours of operation are 6 a.m. to midnight, 7 days a week. 


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