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Spooky Page-turners

Posted on Aug 29, 2019 in Sundog Books , Scary stories , Halloween , September–October 2019

Fall is that wonderful time of year when the air feels crisp, the smell of delicious cinnamon-pumpkin candles fills the air, and the crunchy sound of leaves underfoot reminds us that summer is but a sweet memory until next year. It’s also in these early fall days that our thoughts turn to hayrides, pumpkin patches, scarecrows, and, of course, our favorite scary stories. Here are a few of the best scary books, available at Sundog Books, to spook even the most skeptical of readers.

“What Was I Scared Of?” by Dr. Seuss

On a light-hearted Halloween note comes the 10th anniversary of Dr. Seuss’ Halloween tale: “What Was I Scared Of?” The ideal ‘spooky tale’ for kids of all ages combines a little fear with a whole lot of understanding, spinning a story of a narrator who is afraid of a pair of pants that keeps following him, only to find out the pair of pants is equally afraid of him. It’s a Halloween story, sure, but also delivers a timeless message of acceptance, and this special anniversary edition is even served up with glow-in-the-dark ink to add a special spooky touch.

“The Witches” by Roald Dahl

Yes, this is a children’s book, but anyone who grew up with this timeless novel undoubtedly still has some of Roald Dahl’s imagery burned into their brains. This story of a seemingly normal group of women who gather for a witches’ convention to plot the end of children everywhere is a tale that will surely inspire your kids (and you) to sleep with the bathroom light on.

“Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” by Alvin Schwartz

What Alvin Schwartz doesn’t scare out of you with these stories, Stephen Gammell will finish off with his illustrations. Some of the stories in this book (and the subsequent other books in the same trilogy) are of the all-in-good-fun nature, and others are downright terrifying. It includes many of the urban legend type stories that you’ve heard around campfires for years (the hook on the car door, the killer in the backseat), and also some that you’ll be telling around your own campfire to assure your spot as the teller of the scariest story. (And since its original publishing they have rereleased this series with new — and much less terrifying — illustrations.)

“Dracula” by Bram Stoker

Put the kids to bed and pick up this classic, the Gothic horror novel so scary that it’s found its way onto scary-book and best-selling lists since 1897. There’s very little scarier than the thought of the undead, and the concept of vampires is so creepily popular that it continues to pop up into the literature of every generation. Pour a glass of (red) wine and curl up with this iconic scary story; just be prepared to feel a little jumpy at everything that goes bump in the night tonight.

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