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Shop Local in Seaside

Posted on Mar 01, 2017 in Farmers Market , Modica Market , merchants

Modica Market

The Seaside Farmers Market is a weekly tradition for many in our community. Rain or shine, this lively, outdoor experience is a must-stop destination showcasing a great variety of locally grown and handcrafted products. But if you happen to run out of your favorite market items mid-week, some gems can be found on the shelves of our own Seaside merchants. Here are a few we found around town.

Modica Market is proud to carry several Seaside Farmers Market products, including 30A Honey Hutch varieties like Tupelo and Wildflower. Amy Wright’s passion for beekeeping resonates with customers. And this favorite local honey is delicious, sustainable and healthy.

Modica also carries Veronica’s Health Crunch granola. This granola is made in small batches, is all-natural, gluten free and is definitely a delicious power snack. Modica also frequently carries fresh produce from the market’s farmers — the offerings will vary due to season and availability. In need of a snack for your furry friend?

Davis Dog Treats can be purchased at Modica, too. These are baked and are wholesome for your furry family member. They come flavored with real beef, chicken, cheese and peanut butter.

Crust Artisan Bakery’s pastries and breads are delivered daily to Amavida Coffee & Tea. What better accompaniment to a steaming cup of coffee than tender crumb cakes, seasonal fruit studded scones, a variety of muffins, almond or chocolate croissants or cinnamon rolls? With so many options to choose from, you can enjoy a freshly baked treat every day of the week.

Pop into Raw + Juicy Life and you’ll find Caveman Cupboard’s paleo nut butters. These tasty Cave Butters are expertly made from raw and organic seeds and nuts such as: pumpkin seeds, almonds, pecans, cashews, chia seeds and hemp. Look for varieties with hints of cinnamon, mocha and coconut. These uniquely flavored nut butters are packed with nutrition, serve up a healthful protein punch, and make great gifts, too.

Let us know if any other trusted Seaside merchants carry your market favorites. These resources are valuable amenities for our loyal visitors and local friends. We’d love to hear about their availability around town. Write to us at

Shop Local in Seaside

Modica Market. Photos by Sarah Murphy Robertson

Shop Local in Seaside

Amavida Coffee & Tea serves fresh pastries daily from Crust Artisan Bakery.

Shop Local in Seaside