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Seaside Beach Celebrates 10 Years

Posted on May 01, 2018 in Seaside Tshirts , Clothing , Accessories , Seaside Brand , May-June 2018

The most recognized brand in Seaside is, of course, SEASIDE®. As locals and visitors sport a T-shirt, beach bag or ball cap with the famous SEASIDE® logo, the branded merchandise tops the list of essentials for those who love Seaside. Celebrating 10 years in business, SEASIDE® Beach sells a variety of the coveted clothing and accessories. The store’s tagline is, “Where bare feet and sandy floors rule®.”

SEASIDE® Beach opened a decade ago as the result of the ever expanding popularity of the SEASIDE® brand. “With the increased business of SEASIDE® merchandise and nowhere to add new inventory in our past location, we decided to open an additional store to expand our selection,” says Erica Pierce, general manager of Seaside Associated Stores. “We differentiated the merchandise in the two locations by color story. The classic colors — navy, white, blue jean and watermelon — became the SEASIDE® Classic collection. The mint, violet, pink and butter colors comprise the SEASIDE® Beach collection. Think of the store as the colors of our beautiful sunsets and turquoise water of the gulf.”

Throughout the years, the Beach collection has become as popular as the Classic collection. “We recently doubled the square footage to accommodate more product that works within the color story,” Pierce says, adding that future plans are to continue to research and develop new products that exemplify the essence of Seaside living.

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