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Raq & Juicy Celebrates 10 Years

Posted on May 01, 2018 in Organic Juice Bar and Café , May-June 2018

Raw & Juicy owner Jenifer Kuntz celebrates a decade in business. Photo courtesy Raw & Juicy

The story behind the beginnings and evolution of the first farmers market on 30A is as interesting and innovative as Seaside itself. The original concept drew upon a resourceful marketing idea from Seaside founder Daryl Davis back in the early 1980s. Davis wanted to create a sense of community and reinforce the lifestyle concepts they hoped would shape Seaside. So she started an open-air market: sourcing fresh flowers and vegetables, locally baked bread and gulf shrimp, all for sale.

In 2008, with an interest and clear vision from Raw & Juicy Organic Juice Bar and Café owner, Jenifer Kuntz, work began on developing her idea for a year-round weekly farmers market in Seaside. As it underscored their ideals started years before, the Davis family wholeheartedly agreed with her plans. The very first market showcased local products from three vendors — hence the start of a new Seaside tradition.

To this day, Raw & Juicy’s Airstream serves as an anchor, welcoming the market’s guests. Weekly visitors are greeted by its corner-side presence, and often stop there first for a healthy breakfast or beverage as they begin their market stroll. Kuntz manages the rotation of market vendors and is proud of the diverse products they bring to the area. She is quick to point out that some of 30A’s most popular eats were “born” from vendors who started at the Seaside Farmers Market — including Sweet Henrietta’s, Chanticleer and Twin Oaks Farm’s FarmStand. — Sarah Murphy Robertson

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