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On Trend: The Flash Tattoo

Posted on May 01, 2015 in Flash Tattoo , May-June 2015

The Flash Tattoo, the latest fashion trend working its way up and down 30A, is a jewelry-inspired temporary tattoo for serious (and not so serious) fashionistas. The name comes from the quick speed and ease of application. You can have one applied in under a minute and it lasts for up to a week. The tattoo line has quickly grown to be a favorite accessory for celebrities, stylists, editors, bloggers and fashion-forward girls everywhere. Perfect for the beach, pool, parties, festivals and concerts, get yours in Seaside at Snap Tweens.

These temporary metallic decorations take on the appearance of real jewelry, making them especially popular in coastal communities. Current colors include silver, gold, black and turquoise with the addition of pink and red later this season. Snap Tweens offers a wide array of flash tattoos, sold individually and in pre-packs, and applied in-store as needed. Prices range from $5 for an individual tattoo to $30 for a pack that contains up to 10 unique tattoos.

In addition to the metallic tattoos, Snap Tweens reports on the following trends seen in girls fashions this season. Look for bright colors in apparel, specifically periwinkle and chartreuse. Prints are also in — especially in rompers and pants. Tanks with words and sayings are everywhere, as people “wear” their feelings on their clothes. For more fashion updates, follow Snap Tweens on Instagram at @snapgirls30a.

Snap Tweens is open seven days a week and is located at 2236 East Co. Road Highway 30A Suite 38 (behind Pickles) in Seaside. (850) 231-3800.

On Trend: The Flash Tattoo