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Keeping Seaside Beautiful

Posted on May 01, 2014 in Laverne Richards , May-June 2014 , Seaside Team Member

Laverne Richards, a grounds engineer for the Seaside Community Development Corp., says working in a happy environment makes her days bright. Photo by Wendy O. Dixon

Laverne Richards is one of the smiling faces of the Seaside staff By Wendy O. Dixon

Lavern Richards, a grounds engineer for the Seaside Community Development Corp., loves working in the happy environment that is Seaside. “This is like playing in my backyard,” she says. “It’s like heaven.”

After retiring early from her government job, Richards wasn’t sure what to do. “But I was about to have an empty nest at home,” she explains. “And since my kids are my life I knew I’d need to work to keep busy.”

Richards discovered a second family in the Seaside community. “I have a really close working relationship with the merchants,” she says. “Everyone is so nice. It’s not like work, it’s fun. I have gotten so attached I haven’t left yet, and don’t know if I will.”

Happy to provide directions to lost or exploring Seaside guests is one of the joys she has as part of her daily routine of keeping the flowers tidy and the grounds in impeccable shape. “Some people just want to talk,” she says. “Some who come every year remember me and call my name. But if they want a restaurant recommendation I tell them I can’t do that, it’s all good in Seaside.”

Richards, who has been working in Seaside for 14 years, believes the simplicity of Seaside has a certain elegance about it. And the people she sees everyday make her days pleasant. “(Seaside founders Robert and Daryl Davis) and the staff are always so kind and happy to take suggestions,” she says. “When I first started here, I said maybe I’ll stay 10 years, then maybe 15, but now I can’t imagine leaving.”