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Fresh Looks for Springtime

Posted on Mar 01, 2017 in Shopping , Modica Market , La Vie Est Belle , Newbill Collection by the Sea , March-April 2017

Freshwater bracelets from La Vie Est Belle

As of March 20, spring is officially here. We suggest you celebrate by freshening up your wardrobe with some fun accessory shopping in Seaside. A leisurely day spent browsing and splurging is just what the doctor ordered. While you are out getting some retail therapy, you’ll need to stay fueled up and hydrated, too. So we’ve got a few treasures in that department, as well.

La Vie Est Belle - Lovely Layered Looks

This spring, create your own pearl collection by layering La Vie bracelets. Come enhance every outfit and express your personal style with these treasures created by local artist and designer, Wendy Mignot. She specializes in the finest freshwater, Tahitian and South Sea pearls, and La Vie Est Belle is the place to start (or build upon) your collection of one of a kind jewelry.

Pictured at the top, left to right:

• Freshwater three-pearl bracelet with knots $175.00

• Freshwater music four-strand multi bracelet $350.00

• Freshwater triple-weave bracelet $400.00

• Freshwater breezy with knots multi bracelet $225.00

Visit La Vie Est Belle online.

Modica Market - Smiles for Miles with these Crisp Sips

All shop-‘til-you drop roads lead to Modica Market. Stop by for the thirst-quenching mimosas made with freshly squeezed orange juice and premium bubbly. The 16-ounce is $5.98 and the 32-ounce $12.98. Or try the special private labeled sodas. These carbonated dreams are only $1.99 each and come in refreshing classic flavors like orange cream, root beer, black cherry and cola. They will whet your whistle and you’ll be back into your shopping groove in no time flat.

Visit Modica Market online.

Fresh Looks for Springtime

Newbill Collection - Establish Your Architectural Jewelry Collection

Newbill Collection By The Sea, Seaside’s longest continuously operating art gallery, is also known for its extensive selection of architecturally inspired jewelry. Annette Newbill Trujillo, gallery owner, says, “Since Seaside is internationally known for its architecture, it is only fitting we offer jewelry that reflects bold, kinetic and sculptural qualities.” One jeweler who best offers the season’s strongest shapes is Vanessa Gade, a San Francisco artist, whose pieces make a contemporary statement with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic as well as a timeless style. The gallery has a wide selection of her necklaces and earrings. All of Gade’s jewelry is created by hand in precious metals, and most of the necklaces range in price from $150 to $300.

Visit Newbill Collection online.

Fresh Looks for Springtime