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Posted on Mar 01, 2017 in Wine , 45 Central Wine Bar , March-April 2017

Just as many New Urbanist communities are compared to Seaside, wines from all over the world are compared to those from Burgundy.

In both cases, others come close, but cannot rival the originals. Burgundy is said by many to produce the finest wines in the world, and is the home of the revered pinot noir and chardonnay grapes. At 45 Central, Domaine Chanson produces some of our favorite wines. Their Burgundies are elegant expressions of the region, and come at an excellent value.

Chanson is one of only six producers in Burgundy that have been producing wine since the 18th century. This expertise shows in Chanson’s pinot noir from the village of Givry, a small commune in southern Burgundy. The Givry has a beautiful ruby color and a nose of cherries and spice. Smooth tannins are matched with lingering fruit on the finish. Givry is sure to be enjoyed by all who like California pinot noir; and in my opinion is the best value on 45 Central’s wine list.

Also from southern Burgundy, in the Mâcon winegrowing region, the villages of Viré and Clessé produce one of the best chardonnays in the region. Chanson’s Viré-Clessé meets you with aromas of citrus mixed with fresh honey, and refreshes with a light and crisp palate. Best enjoyed with seafood, or take a glass to go and enjoy Viré-Clessé while reading a book on the beach.

With Le Bourgogne, Chanson gives drinkers an excellent entry point into the world of Burgundy. This pinot noir has an aroma of ripe berries, licorice and spice. A complex wine with a refreshing aftertaste, it is easily approachable by those new to the style. When wines from other regions are described as having “Burgundian” qualities, they are referencing wines like Le Bourgogne — and I hope to share a glass or two of Le Bourgogne with you soon.