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Bud & Alley’s Wine Dinner

Posted on Sep 01, 2017 in Seeing Red Wine Festival , Wine Dinner , September-October 2017

Dave Rauschkolb (third from left), founder of Bud & Alley’s, hosting the 24th annual Seeing Red Vintner Dinner in 2014 featuring Kokomo Winery, which launched the Seaside Wine Project collection. Photo credit Kathryn Kenner

Led by a trio with groups that stretch from California to Tennessee through several generations, BNA Wine Group is creating what consumers want today — great wine for a better price. BNA has hands-on experience and a keen understanding of both sides of the wine business, and the capital and passion to put behind their wines. Fourth-generation wine and spirits distributor John Hooper sold the business that his family founded in 1939, and teamed with Little Lion wine company founder and winemaker Tony Leonardini and industry sales veteran Gary Carr to launch BNA Wine Group. While being headquartered in Tennessee, they maintain their offices and physical presence in St. Helena, Calif., where they do business and have good relationships with various vineyards and wineries. Tony grew up and work his way through the industry. His first job at a winery was breaking down boxes for a nickel per box at his family’s San Francisco wine shop. At his family’s winery, north of Oakville, Calif., Tony worked and learned the process from the crush to the bottling line. He made his first bottle of wine in 2000, and his first commercial wine in 2005. A year later, Tony produced the noteworthy Volunteer Napa Cabernet Sauvignon, named for his other role as a saint Helena volunteer firefighter.

Wines for dinner:

Butternut rose – reception

Whitehall Lane Sav Blanc – First course

Volunteer Chardonnay – Second course

Butternut Pinot Noir – Third course

Volunteer Cabernet – Fourth course

Whitehall Lane “Tre Leoni” red blend – Fifth course