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At Your Service: Pronto Food Delivery + Frost Bites + Swell Pops

Posted on Jul 01, 2017 in Frost Bites , Swell Pops , Pronto Food Delivery , July–August 2017

Pronto food delivery guys Chris Cumby, Glen Metropolit and Rob Truax. Photo courtesy Pronto 30A

Seaside has become a hugely popular destination since its early days when there were only a few modest cottages lined along a couple of sandy roads. Since gaining international recognition,

Seaside has experienced a meteoric rise in visitors, especially during the summer months. With new shops, merchandise, activities and menu items, Seaside is working to make your summer even more special.

Pronto Food Delivery

If you love dining on 30A but want to avoid the lines, meet Pronto. Pronto Delivery Co. delivers fresh food fast, utilizing electric bikes to propel this much-needed dining concept along 30A. Delivering meals to local homes and businesses, visitors and locals alike can now savor their favorite foods without having to wait for available tables, find parking spots or endure the lines at AirStream Row simply to order a meal. Pronto is environmentally friendly and designed to beat the congestion of 30A to bring you a fresh, fast and fun dining experience.

Pronto will initially launch with a select number of restaurants in Seaside (Barefoot BBQ being the first), delivering your favorite bites to WaterColor, Seaside and Seagrove Beach. Expansion plans are already in motion, set to commence this summer, and include widening the delivery area and adding more of your favorite 30A dining establishments to your dining delivery choices. Visit to place orders.

Frost Bites

Nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer’s day than a cold treat. Frost Bites, owned by husband-and-wife team Mike and Chance Gullet, is famous for its refreshing shave ice, fresh lemonade and frozen custard. The Airstream shop’s flavorful shave ice specializes in a fine ice that is more like snow than ice. With a rainbow spectrum of flavors including strawberry, mango, passion fruit, root beer, raspberry, coconut, orange, and watermelon, among others, Frost Bites has something for everyone — even those who want a sour or sugar free treat.

In addition to the frozen treats, Frost Bites has pool service at the adult pool, serving burgers, grilled cheese and grilled chicken sandwiches, chicken strips, ribbon fries, shave ice, root beer and Coca-Cola floats, as well as frozen custard.

Visit Frost Bites online.

At Your Service: Pronto Food Delivery + Frost Bites + Swell Pops

Swell Pops Offers Refreshing Healthy Treats

Specializing in handcrafted, gourmet popsicles with a coastal focus, Swell Pops is a returning favorite in Seaside. Family owned and operated by David and Haylee Huffman, the pops are made with fresh fruit, local produce and organic ingredients, offering a healthy dessert option to the locals and visitors. The mobile cart is set up at the Seaside Amphitheater from 4-9 p.m. daily, plus during

special events.

At Your Service: Pronto Food Delivery + Frost Bites + Swell Pops