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Art and Our Community

Posted on May 01, 2017 in Seaside Institute , Art , Jamie Zimchek , May–June 2017

The ABSTRACT Art Demonstration transforms the Academic Village into an outdoor workplace.

Art changes people and, people change the world. – John Butler

The energy at the Seaside Institute has reached a new and intoxicating level. While there have been many factors that have led to this place, there is one influence that has been the driving force behind it all — art.

Jamie Zimchek’s Narrative Abstract exhibit that took place during Seaside Prize Weekend is where the movement began. Along with her inspired work, Zimchek brought along her enthusiasm for community, and the role it plays in fostering a thriving art scene. Teaming up with Anne Hunter Galleries, in support of Alaqua Animal Refuge, the final night of the Seaside Prize Weekend was one to remember. It’s safe to say that the institute is still feeding off that energy today.

Immediately following the prize weekend, the institute hosted seven artists from New Orleans for ABSTRACT, an art demonstration and exhibit. These talented artists spent the week painting in the Academic Village courtyard, while friends and visitors were encouraged to stop by, observe and mingle with the artists. The Seaside Institute studio was transformed into an art gallery, showcasing the artists’ complete (and stunning) work. The institute was able to connect with so many new faces within the community, and our “NOLA” guests felt more like family by the end of the week. ABSTRACT helped solidify the notion that our community thrives when the arts are a priority.

Art and Our Community

Jamie Zimchek speaks about her narrative abstract exhibit at the Seaside Prize Weekend closing event.

The institute plans to continue to create programs that showcase the arts. This should be fairly easy to do, considering 30A is home to some of the most brilliant artists in the world. The mission of the Seaside Institute is to create great communities, and our local art scene is fundamental in our process.

In addition to creating our own programs, the institute makes it a goal to support the existing art programs within the community. If you haven’t already heard, the First Friday Art Walk has returned to Seaside. You can join the institute in supporting this wonderful program by making this your first Friday tradition. If you need someone to go with, meet at the Academic Village courtyard at 4:45 p.m. every first Friday. Institute staff and friends will walk over to the event together.

For more information about the Seaside Institute Arts Program, please contact the institute at (850) 231-2421.