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Pulitzer Prize Echoes: Seaside's Sundog Books Partners with Florida House

Michelle Hayes Uhlfelder

Posted on Aug 29, 2023

There's an undeniable magnetic pull to a Pulitzer Prize-winning author. Their words, like tendrils, reach into the depths of our souls, awakening the emotions we often suppress. Riding that literary wave, Seaside's beloved bookstore, Sundog Books, is set to shine even brighter this Fall. In collaboration with Florida House on Capitol Hill, they are poised to launch a captivating chapter in Florida’s literary chronicle.

Jack Davis and his magnum opus, "The Gulf: The Making of an American Sea", resonates with Florida House’s mission to connect, celebrate, and champion our state to the world through the arts, history, culture, and literature. Davis’ novel crafts a vibrant tapestry of the American South's history, ecology, and cultural ethos. His narrative does more than draw readers to the water's embrace; it underscores Seaside's deep connection with its maritime past.

While Davis undoubtedly shines, the behind-the-scenes efforts of Sundog Books and Florida House deserve recognition. Their collaborative efforts are not merely a partnership—it's a mission to spotlight Florida's rich literary tradition. Florida House on Capitol Hill, Our State Embassy in Washington, D.C. which opened in 1973, stands as a symbol of Florida's spirit. Their quarterly Book Club goes beyond being an event and truly celebrates our state's literary prowess.

Sundog Books is where literary enchantment lives- a cornerstone of Seaside since 1986, it transcends the label of 'bookstore'. Founded by Bob and Linda White, this former modest beach reading nook has transformed into a literary haven. Here, knowledgeable staff, backed by years of literary passion, guide readers through vast worlds crafted from words. Among its many accolades, it was recently heralded as Southern Living’s #1 Bookstore to Visit in Florida in 2023.

On September 7th, Florida House will host an in-person and virtual Book Club session with Davis, delving into "The Gulf”. The Instagram Live broadcast will stream from Sundog Books at 5:30pm EST/4:30pm CST. Literature enthusiasts and beach lovers alike, take note: mark your calendar, follow @sundogbooks and @FloridaHouseDC on Facebook and Instagram, and reserve your tickets for the event using this link.

In a time where digital bytes often overshadow, the union of Sundog Books and Florida House reminds us of the enduring charm of written tales. Whether you're a sun-kissed Floridian, a seasonal guest drawn to our emerald waters, or a newcomer, this is your ticket to joining a thriving literary community and world-renowned author. Dive deep, engage, and revel in the stories that, generation after generation, pulse at the heart of our state. Because genuine narratives, infused with authenticity and passion, aren't merely stories—they are lasting memories.