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Unusual White Wines For Summer

Posted on Jul 01, 2017 in Wine , July–August 2017

Cool down and drink up with these recommended white wines By Jill Tanner and Amber Blossman

The summer air is thick in the idyllic town of Seaside. Cool down by sipping on something different this sun-filled season. A selection of chilly, unique white wines awaits to excite your palate at 45 Central. Located in the heart of Seaside’s Central Square, 45 Central is the perfect place to drink and wind down, under their shaded courtyard, with its lovely view of the town. Stray away from your usual chardonnay and give something new a try.

If you’re looking for a fruity wine with a coastal minerality that mimics the surrounding sea breeze, Albarino by Burgans might be your winner. This botanical white is from the Rias Baixas region in Spain. It pairs perfectly with soft cheeses or a seafood tapa.

For those unbearably hot days, sip on Gruner Veltliner by Fred Loimer. It’s an afternoon white that’s best served ice cold. This acidic, dry wine from Kamptal, Austria, is sure to do the job of cooling you down when you’re overheated. Feel your body temperature drop with every sip of this crisp wine, with its soft notes of apple, citrus and spices.

Steer completely off the map with a white pinot noir by Left Coast Cellars. The origin of this full, well-rounded wine is Willamette Valley, Or. The well-expressed acidity in this varietal will help you beat the heat after a beach day. Taste the subtle notes of light oak, light cherry, white peach and pear.

Shock your taste buds with white burgundy by Chanson. Made from the Viré-Clessé varietal in France, this wine is a lovely iteration of traditional chardonnay. This crisp, balanced wine has medium fruit and hits mid-palate. If you’re a lover of French wines, but want to lighten it up for summertime, this is the way to go.

Switch things up this season by trying some unusual white wines, perfectly tailored to the summertime heat in Seaside. Cool down and drink up at 45 Central, the spot to sip, savor and socialize.