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The Most Romantic Spots in Seaside

Posted on Jan 01, 2016 in Romance , Valentine's Day , Locations , January-February 2016

Sand Sculptures by Photo courtesy

Valentine’s Day is for lovers, and this town has several sweet spots in which to celebrate the day by Laura Holloway

There’s a reason so many choose Seaside for saying their wedding vows, or spending their honeymoon, or just taking a getaway with their partner. Guests are encouraged to check their planners at the door and slow the pace to a stroll, with plenty of time for a second glass of wine while watching the sun dip into the emerald water of the Gulf. Seaside is truly for lovers, and whether it’s a random weekend in the fall or Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to make any time a special romantic escape if you visit one of our most romantic spots in Seaside.

Ruskin Place

The artist colony of Seaside feels like a secret meeting place for lovers, with twinkling lights, tall trees providing shade, quiet places for sitting, and beautiful artwork lining the paths. The green of Ruskin Place also serves as the setting for many wedding receptions, and the echo of first dances sets the mood for anyone looking for some sentimental atmosphere in Ruskin.

45 Central

With a wide selection of wines and small plates in an intimate setting, Seaside’s Central Square wine bar is a wonderful place to start an evening on the town, or a good place to wind down together. With dim lighting and cafe seating, you’re only a few sips away from reading sonnets and feeding each other grapes.

Honeymoon Cottages

Many choose to spend the days after their wedding in Seaside, including yours truly, and the Honeymoon Cottages that line the beach here create an idyllic setting, not just for the first days as husband and wife but for anyone looking to rediscover the bliss of newlyweds. Each of the cottages is built for two, with a top porch that overlooks the pristine beach from either two chairs or a hammock, and a bottom porch that, for many, includes a deep soaking Jacuzzi tub.


There’s something about an evening stroll, even on a chilly night, that draws us closer and persuades deeper conversation. The footpaths that wind their way through Seaside make it possible to take long walks that encourage hand holding, star gazing and future planning.

The Most Romantic Spots in Seaside

Romantic beach view. Photo by Laura Holloway

Beach Ready Spa

Stress is the unfortunate side effect of our everyday lives, and even on vacation we can have trouble letting go. Luckily, a day at the spa can help melt all stresses away, and Seaside’s neighborhood spa has a menu of relaxing treatments that can jump-start your romantic holiday, including couples packages, with massages and pedicures for two.

Seaside Chapel

Along Seaside’s northern border, and just above Ruskin Place, sits the elegant, yet simple, chapel. The building itself is stunning, and for those brides lucky enough to say ‘I do’ in Seaside, the chapel offers a gorgeous backdrop for memorable ceremonies, breathtaking pictures and unforgettable moments of pure romance.


Whether staying in Seaside or just passing through, one romantic spot is free and accessible to all; the beach at sunset. There are very few spots in the world with lovelier views, and it’s almost impossible to spend time at the beach at sunset with someone you love and not feel the romance. Take a blanket, find a good spot, and spend the time enjoying the breeze and light, and remembering how to slow down and truly take pleasure in the simple joy of being together.