People playing pickleball in Seaside

Summer Tennis Alternatives

People playing pickleball in SeasideSummer is a great time to try some new sports. Some might even help you with your tennis game.

Pickleball is the new craze. Volleys are extremely important in pickleball. Getting to the “kitchen” line is the way to win. The reactions you have to a pickleball are similar to what you have playing tennis. It’s a little slower, and the paddle is a little less responsive, but the constant motion you need to win in pickleball will translate somewhat to your tennis volleys. And don’t forget to “dink.” Your tennis drop shot needs help, too.

Badminton is an underrated sport. That weak tennis overhead you have can be greatly improved with some badminton play. The motion is identical, and since you’re usually playing in sand, your footwork will improve, too. Touch shots are also helpful to both sports.

Beach volleyball is incredibly taxing and very helpful with footwork. You get some useful feedback back from a simple underhand serve, which is very much like the lob you need to use on the tennis court. And an overhand serve or spiking motion helps both your serve and overhead in tennis.

Bike rides are wonderful in the summer. They are non-weight bearing and fairly easy on the body. The conditioning you get though is beneficial to all aspects of your life. And in that third set when you get tired, it would be nice to be in better shape than your opponent.

Beach walks are wonderful for your legs. Stretching those muscles out is going to improve your flexibility and help you to reach that final shot you need on the tennis court. Plus, the relaxation you get can be used to calm the mind.

Before your next big point, take a big breath and recall that nice beach walk. It’ll get you past some of your anxiety. And you need it! I’ve seen you people look like you’re about to explode playing tennis.

Nearly every sport or activity you can add will benefit your tennis game. Seaside is full of fun activities and adventures. Use summer to enjoy these experiences and see what they can do for your game. See you on the courts!

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