Barefoot BBQ at Seaside, Florida

Barefoot BBQ Receives National Recognition

The town of Seaside has a rich culture pertaining to its restaurants. As many locals and visitors agree “Barefoot BBQ” has the best barbecue in our area and is an amazing spot to eat while in Seaside, as evidenced in an article titled “North vs South: Where to find the best BBQ in America” that features their food.

Barefoot BBQ was chosen alongside “4 Rivers Smokehouse” to represent Florida in the battle of the barbecue. This article highlights Barefoot BBQ’s most prominent attributes. Author LeeAnn Huntoon shares that “the food truck features hormone, steroid, and antibiotic-free meats and produce that is locally grown” along with other key characteristics of the Airstream restaurant. Barefoot BBQ is unique in the way its food is prepared and is the only restaurant in this article with such clean and healthy meat. A quality that certainly contributes to their amazing food.

The famous Airstream offers delicious BBQ with a wide selection of meats and side dishes. Their barbecue includes pork, chicken, beef, and ribs. They also have a great selection of sides, including baked beans, mac and cheese, corn on the cob, and more. As if their barbecue wasn’t enough, They also have items on the menu such as chicken fingers, corn dogs, and tuna dip. To round out the menu, they also offer sandwich options, including portabella, chicken salad, and tuna sandwiches.

Barefoot BBQ is the perfect restaurant to represent not only Seaside but all of Florida. Stop by next time you’re in town and see what’s so special about Barefoot BBQ.

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