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Seaside School, Inc. Shines with 2020-2021 Test Results

Posted on Oct 15, 2021 in Seaside School , Seacoast Collegiate High School

Seaside School, Inc. students continue to earn high marks on annual state testing and rank as one of the top public schools in the State of Florida for 2020-2021. Seaside Neighborhood School, which serves 192 students 5th grade through 8th grade, is located in the iconic beach town of Seaside, Florida and is a Walton County School District public charter school. Located on the campus of nearby Northwest Florida State College, Seacoast Collegiate High School serves 9th through 12th grades offering students the ability to graduate high school with an associate college degree. In the 2020-2021 school year, 90% of graduating Seacoast Collegiate High School seniors attained an Associate in Arts degree from Northwest Florida State College in addition to their high school diploma. Seacoast Collegiate High School maintains a high school graduation rate of 100%.

Results from the most recent Florida state assessments show that The Seaside School, Inc., the oldest, operating public charter school in the state, is the #3 ranked combination school in the State of Florida, performing above the majority of combination schools statewide, and continually scores higher on college entrance exams compared to the national student average.

Notably, data from the most recently administered tests in 2021 show Seaside School, Inc. scored #2 in the State of Florida for 7th and 8th grade mathematics, #7 in the State of Florida for 10th grade English Language Arts (ELA), and #6 in the State of Florida in 8th grade science. Additionally, students scored an average of more than 140 points higher than the state average on the PSAT.

Seaside School, Inc. Shines with 2020-2021 Test Results

“Certainly the performance of Seaside School, even with a small population of students, plays an integral part in the success of Walton County School District’s grade. We treasure this relationship and the willing, intentional collaboration that we engage in for each child to receive a world-class education, contributing to the success of all students,” said Mr. A. Russell Hughes, Superintendent of Walton County School District. “Thank you, Seaside School, for carrying out, maintaining, and staying in lockstep with the high standards set by Walton County School District.”

Seaside School, Inc. is a combination school which encompasses elementary (5th grade), middle school (6ththrough 8th grades) and high school (9th through 12th grades). Depending on the specific state assessment, the school is either compared to other combination schools and/or to all schools statewide.


  • 7th Grade Mathematics: #2 Ranked School
  • 8th Grade Mathematics: #2 Ranked School
  • 5th Grade Mathematics: #4 Ranked School
  • 8th Grade Science: #6 Ranked School
  • English Language Arts, Grades 5th through 8th: Top 4% Overall


  • 10th Grade English Language Arts (ELA): #7 Ranked School
  • 9th Grade English Language Arts (ELA): Top 4% Overall
  • US History Pass Rate, End of Course Exam (EOC): Top 5% Overall
  • Algebra 1, Fall 2020, End of Course Exam (EOC): Top 6% Overall

Seaside School, Inc. Shines with 2020-2021 Test Results

“I am very proud of our high school students and staff,” said Seaside School, Inc. Head of School Dr. Scott O’Prey. “The collaborative effort shown by both played out in these results.”

Additionally, Seacoast Collegiate High School recently learned that three Seacoast students have qualified as National Merit Scholarship Program Semi-Finalists. This year Walton County had a total of four students qualify for this status. Reagan Wells, Kegley Hubbard, and Knoxye Grinstead will all advance to the next level.

Located on both the South Walton campus of Northwest Florida State College and the Niceville campus of Northwest Florida State College, Seacoast Collegiate High School serves 196 students in 9th through 12thgrades, offering students the ability to graduate high school with an associate college degree. Seacoast Collegiate High School is a public charter school in the Walton County School District.


Seaside School, Inc. operates as a public charter school and admissions are conducted on an annual basis. Admissions for the next school year open in February and applications are due by the end of March. The lottery drawing takes place in May for available openings. Currently, Seaside Neighborhood School currently has a waitlist while Seacoast Collegiate High School has select openings for the 2021-2022 school year. Seaside School, Inc. accepts applications for grades 5th through 12th for the 2022-2023 school year starting in February 2022.

Seacoast Collegiate High School will host an open house for interested students on Thursday, December 9th, 2021. If interested in learning more about admissions or attending upcoming events, please contact Dr. O’Prey at


Founded in 1996, The Seaside School, Inc. was one of the first and is now the oldest operating public charter school in the State of Florida. The original goal was simple – create a school to address the need for better middle school education in Walton County – and it hasn’t stopped since. Seaside School, Inc. currently serves nearly 400 students across three campuses encompassing 5th through 12th grades.

“The Seaside Neighborhood School was an attempt to prove that a small school, fully integrated into a neighborhood and a community, could achieve better outcomes and help children mature better than the currently conventional large schools built on land a considerable distance from houses, shops, and cultural centers. Such a school could draw on cultural and community resources and engage citizens in the education of its students,” said Seaside Founders Robert and Daryl Davis, along with their son, Micah.

“The Seaside Neighborhood School has been a remarkable success, even if the idea of small schools embedded in their neighborhoods has not spread as widely, so far, as we had hoped. This idea was an important element of the South Walton Conservation and Development Plan of the mid-nineties; an anticipated update of the Plan may help Walton County more effectively plan for future growth and shift away from mega-schools on sites that could not allow kids to walk or bike to school or be part of a supportive neighborhood.“

The vision of Seaside School, Inc. is to maintain a small school with faculty knowledgeable to each student’s abilities and challenges. The staff offers increased support to each student to meet challenges, cultivate talents and increase skills to perform successfully in all academic areas.

The Seaside School, Inc. Board of Directors seeks to sustain an educational community where an emphasis on academic excellence is complemented by the concern for each learner’s personal growth and intellectual, aesthetic, and psychological development.


The curriculum at Seaside School, Inc. is developmentally responsive – actively engaging students in learning skills in context, integrative – directing students to connect learning to daily lives, and exploratory. This enables students to discover their abilities, interests, learning styles, and ways that they can make contributions to society.

“Seaside School’s success over the past 25 years reflects the passion, talent, and dedication of our students, faculty, staff and administration,” said Dr. Rosemary Williams, Co-Founder of Seaside Neighborhood School and Board Member of The Seaside School Foundation. “Our founders, the Davis family, inspire and support our growth. Our Governing Board, Foundation Board, and our extended family of parents and volunteers work tirelessly to fulfill the mission of our school. We all look forward to the next 25 years. Our future is very bright!”