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Seaside Merchants share their thoughts on Christmas in Seaside

Posted on Nov 01, 2017 in Christmas , merchants , November-December 2017

Photos by MoonCreek Studios

“We love the holidays at Central Square Records because it’s a great opportunity for us to reunite with our locals and holiday customers alike, while holiday music of all styles fills the store. Our annual holiday potluck party is always a highlight, too. It’s one of the best parties of the year!” – Edward Jack, Central Square Records

“Every year it seems we have family or friends that come to visit us in December and we always treat them to a night at The REP to watch ‘Every Christmas Story Ever Told.’ Even though my wife and I have seen this play many times, it still brings laughter and Christmas joy to our hearts. Afterward, we treat them to a night of shopping, dining and experiencing the town in all its decorated glory. It’s an intimate experience with family and friends that only Seaside can provide. And the memories it creates are shared for years.” – Rick Thompson, Seaside Transit Authority

“Christmastime in Seaside is special to me, because I love the way the town looks as it is lit up with the Christmas lights in all the stores, the palm trees and the large Christmas tree in the town center.” – Laurie Olshefski, Fitness Fetish

“Our favorite time of the holiday season is Thanksgiving weekend. We host a Round Robin on Thanksgiving morning so we can burn off some calories before the big meal. We are thankful that we get to start our holiday season off with our Seaside Tennis family. Our favorite tradition is watching the parade and Turn on the Town from Bud & Alley’s rooftop.” – Ellen Townsend, Seaside Tennis

“I love how Seaside creates such a sense of community around the holidays. Every holiday just has an energy and excitement in the air when you come in to town.” – Arix Zalace, Raw & Juicy and Raw & Juicy Life

“Christmas is definitely the most magical time in Seaside. We even have a slight chill in the air. The lights on the Coleman Pavilion and in Central Square make everything twinkle. The storefronts are decked out in their festive attire. And all of our visitors and guests can feel the holiday spirit in the town. It’s electric!” – Sarah Hanley, Cottage Rental Agency

“Christmas in Seaside sparkles like no other. There’s great shopping, wonderful food and The REP’s ‘Every Christmas Story Ever Told,’ which adds great family fun to the mix. It is a cozy place to spend the holiday.” – Erinn M. Stranko, The REP

“The Seaside Christmas has been a family tradition for so many. It’s such a special place to spend Christmas. When you really think about it, it’s the best guaranteed white Christmas in a holiday town south of the Rockies. White sand Christmas, that is.” – Dave Rauschkolb, Bud & Alley’s Restaurant Group