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The ultimate transportation guide for visitors traveling to Seaside, Florida

The easiest ways for everyone to get to Seaside this spring & summer

Posted on Mar 10, 2021 in Parking , Shuttle , Cabana Man , Get a Goober , golf carts , 30A Transportation

For information regarding parking for the 2022 season, please click here.

Whether you’re driving in for the day, staying in town overnight or planning a bike trip with the boys, there’s an easy way for everyone to get to Seaside this spring and summer. Here’s a handy guide to driving, biking, and even golf carting your way to town, and what to do once you get there.

If you are staying in Seaside, the vacation rental agency you booked with will provide you with a parking pass that allows parking on the street where your rental cottage is located.

The ultimate transportation guide for visitors traveling to Seaside, Florida

Driving: If you’re driving to Seaside, you can find paid parking on Smolian Circle, although parking is limited. You can always park in the county lot in Grayton Beach, near Black Bear Bread Co., and take the shuttle. Learn More about Paid Parking Here.

Shuttle: On the east side of Highway 283 in Grayton Beach, across from the Shops of Grayton, there’s a parking lot where you can easily find Seaside’s free shuttle. The shuttle is available to employees and guests and runs daily from 6 a.m. to midnight and arrives every 15 minutes. Park in the lower lot, then get in the masked shuttle and take a ride. See the map below on where to catch the shuttle.

The ultimate transportation guide for visitors traveling to Seaside, Florida

Biking: This is one of the best possible ways to get to Seaside and see 30A while you’re on the move. Either rent a bike through Seaside Transit Authority once you’re already in town, or bike on over and lock it up. There is ample bike parking around town and on Central Square.

Seaside Transit Authority will deliver a bike to you between 6 AM and 12 PM and they'll pick up your bike once you're done riding. Simply call the store at 850-231-0035 to make your reservation or stop by their tent, which is now located at the corner of 30A and Central Square at 2283 E. Co. Hwy. 30A Seaside, FL 32459

Golf Cart: Get A Goober is the way to go, whether you’re traveling with a big crowd or planning on having a few cocktails at Great Southern. Think Uber, but with golf carts. Simply download the app, schedule a ride, hop in and travel down 30A in style. It should only take about five minutes for them to arrive, and then they'll take you exactly where you need to go.

The family run business provides a free mobile app to book on-demand golf cart services, working to reduce vehicle traffic and parking by about 120 cars a day.

The ultimate transportation guide for visitors traveling to Seaside, Florida

Cabana Man: The public is welcome to enjoy the beach in Seaside's Commercial area (Coleman Pavilion), however you must have a chair rental to use the beach - this is to provide a more pleasant, enjoyable experience on the beach. Using Cabana Man will make your beach day easier than ever. Schedule an umbrella in advance, then come down to the beach with your wristband on, check in with the Cabana Men, and they’ll set you up for a day in. Grab a tropical cocktail from Bud & Alley’s (or a mocktail for the kids) and all you need to bring is sunscreen.

If you're staying in Seaside, your wristband will allow you to go to the beach with your special code. If you’re not staying in Seaside, you can simply reserve chairs for the day through Cabana Man.

The equipment is set up int he morning by 9 AM if you want an early beach day and it's taken down before 5 pm, just in time to watch the sunset from your beach chairs.