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Seaside Commercial District is Closing Temporarily

Posted on Mar 16, 2020 in COVID-19

Photo courtesy of Kurt Lischka, Moon Creek Studios

March 16, 2020

Seaside, Fla. – Today, Seaside Community Development Corp. (SCDC) announced the closure of Seaside Commercial District, including dozens of retail stores and services, with the intention to save lives. In a letter written to key stakeholders below, the leadership team of Seaside made their purpose known: health and safety are a priority.

“Thank you for your perseverance through these unprecedented times. Over the past few days additional information about the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has resulted in professional consultations with multiple infectious disease experts among your SCDC leadership team. You surely recognize that the guests and visitors of our holiday town have grown to believe Seaside is a refuge; everything we hoped it would be, but not logical under the current conditions.

Our town founders and leadership team believe the only decision that makes health and safety a top priority is to close Seaside until April 30, 2020. Our hope is this decision will help save lives and help give medical professionals the space they need for those infected. Beginning at 5 p.m. today our town will close beach accesses in our commercial district. Effective immediately, all Spring event programming is suspended.

The formal closure of Seaside commercial area will happen Saturday, March 21st at noon. Some merchants may choose to close immediately upon this notice; However, we will not mandate closure until Saturday at noon. At that time, our food & beverage merchants may remain open for to-go service only, unless otherwise directed by the state or federal government.

Unquestionably, Seaside has taken a leadership role in South Walton. These past few days we have made every effort to stay focused on making our decision based on one purpose: health and safety. We are all in this together. We will find solutions to problems we will incur and work tirelessly to stay in communication. We certainly do not have all the answers. This is only the first communication you will receive; we will continue to communicate throughout this week.”

More information to follow.

Kerri Parker, Executive Director of Communications (SCDC)

(850) 231-6106 |

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