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Mason Goods for Men Opens

Posted on Jul 01, 2015 in Menswear , Clothing , July-August 2015

New boutique offers fine Southern goods for men By Rebecca Sullivan

Cindy Krutz and Celia Tucker have been busy expanding their family of upscale fashion boutiques along 30A since they moved to Scenic Highway 30A in 2005. Mason Goods for Men joins their family, which includes boutiques Willow in Rosemary, Willow + Woods in Seaside and

“When Robert and Daryl Davis, Seaside’s town founders, approached us and asked if we would be interested in opening a store in Seaside dedicated to exclusively carrying men’s clothing and accessories, we were honored and excited,” says Tucker. “Immediately, we began brainstorming on what that store would look like and how it could complement the town the Davises so lovingly created. We always marvel that we get to be a part of the town’s unique synergy and want to contribute as style setters.”

A nod to the Mason-Dixon line, the “Mason man” is rooted in Southern tradition and is a true gentleman, say the owners. Mason by definition means, “to make,” so the lines and repertoire of products carried throughout the store reflect this with Southern designers like Billy Reid, being a true mason of his clothing line.

“If the Willow girl had a father, son or brother this is how he would dress,” Tucker says. “We envisioned Mason offering a place for that guy to shop comfortably and in a relaxed enjoyable environment while strolling the streets of our idyllic beachside town.”

The shop offers items ranging from Mason jar shakers and designer Bluetooth speakers to casual attire and Southern-made accessories all befitting a preppy yet relaxed style for the Mason man.

Mason provides a sense of everything the beach has to offer from the moment customers step inside. The atmosphere of the store is crisp and clean, offering familiar items with a modern update. Brands include Billy Reid, Swims, Peter Millar, Collard Greens, Vince, Original Penguin, Strong Bolt, Criquet, Rodd & Gunn, Hudson Denim, Mason Shaker, Bec & Bridge, Hari Mari, Joshua + Vela and Krewe.

“Willow + Woods has historically offered both women’s and men’s clothing and will continue to do so. But Mason will aim to expand upon the men’s lines, offering a broader sampling of quality products,” Krutz says. “The store, we hope, will fill a much-needed niche for casual men’s clothing and goods in Seaside and along 30A.”

Mason is located on the south side of Seaside near Bud & Alley’s Pizza Bar. The shop is open seven days a week, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. this summer. Customers may also visit For more information on both Mason and all Willow boutiques, email or call (850) 231-0041.