Aerial view of Seaside, Florida

Does the “Barbie” movie take place in Seaside?

Seaside is forever immortalized in the classic film “The Truman Show” featuring Jim Carrey. Much of the film takes place in Seaside, and many filming locations are still recognizable.

“The Truman Show” is a staple of Seaside, but the upcoming “Barbie” movie may be a new town favorite. Fans of the forthcoming Greta Gerwig film have created a unique theory about the film’s plot that includes “The Truman Show” and Seaside.

The theory starts with a leaked Letterboxd account that supposedly belongs to lead actress Margot Robbie. The account claims that Gerwig (director of the “Barbie” movie) drew inspiration from “The Truman Show.”

This sparked a lot of debate about the plot, which was kept secret until the first trailer aired. Many seemed to believe Barbie will try to leave Barbie Land only to be met with opposition, similar to what Truman experienced in the 1998 film. This is an intriguing idea that brings the two films together, but the connections don’t stop there.

Twitter user @janejackobs pointed out the similarities between Barbie Land and the town of Seaside. An overhead shot of the pastel fantasy land shown in a promotional photo looks very similar to Seaside, as both have similar layouts. These photos led people to believe the rumors about shared plot points could be true.

To top it all off, Redditor u/visionaryredditor reported that people who saw the test screenings compared the movie to “The Truman Show.”

Whether or not the upcoming movie takes inspiration from Seaside remains to be seen until the film premieres on July 21.

Still, it’s fun to theorize about the famous doll’s adventures around our favorite beach town. Be sure to keep an eye out for Seaside when you watch the Barbie movie this summer.

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