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What’s Trending in Wine

Posted on Mar 01, 2016 in Wine Trends , March-April 2016 , Jim Shirley

From a nostalgic white to a sexy red, these picks round out the wine spectrum in the most delicious way by Chef Jim Shirley

Sancerre is hot — again

Ernest Hemingway’s favorite wine is back on top of the sauvignon blanc pack here in Seaside. Named for the region of France where it is produced, Sancerre is famous for the crisp white wine that goes so well with oysters. White wine is best when chilled, and Hemingway famously liked to drink his “crackling cold.”

In our neck of the woods, the “grassy” New Zealand sauvignon blanc wines have until recently been the top requests, but Joseph Mellot Sancerre has taken that spot now.

The region of Sancerre is also known for its goat cheese, and the wine is a perfect complement.

White Pinot Noir

What? It’s true, our friends at Left Coast Cellars in Willamette Valley, Or., on the 45th parallel, are growing pinot noir grapes, gently pressing them to extract the white juice, limiting the time in contact with the grape skins with all the color, then fermenting in stainless steel tanks to make bright wine with hints of peach and pear.

Sexual Chocolate

A crazy name, but crazy good wine. Made by off-the-cuff winemaker Brandon Allen, Sexual Chocolate is a blend of syrah, zinfandel and petite sirah, chocolate (of course), cherry and plum flavors. Brandon claims to have started the winery with his leftover student loan money, but although he says a lot of crazy stuff, he makes great wine.

Coravin Wine Preservation System

Using a needle and pressurized argon gas, the Coravin System allows us to pour wine from a super-premium wine without actually opening the bottle — ensuring guests that their last glass will be good as the first.


45 Central (by popular request) will be rolling wine-friendly sushi starting the first of March.

Chef Jim Shirley co-owns restaurants in Pensacola, (The Fish House and Atlas Oyster House), as well as Great Southern Café, Meltdown on 30A and 45 Central in Seaside, and The Bay in South Walton.