Summer Beauty Unveiled: The Art of Simple's Guide

The Art of Simple’s Summer Beauty Guide

Summer skin is golden, sun-kissed and bronzed, glistening with a dewy glow that only a Southern summer can provide, while looking fresh, young, and illuminated.

And then there are the days when warm weather takes a turn, leaving skin feeling wind-whipped, oily, wrinkled, inflamed, or so sunburned and irritated that it’s literally peeling to get away from us and our poor skin care decisions. Welcome to summer, the season of eternal youth and reckless behavior, when we throw caution (and sunblock) to the wind for one good day at the beach when we are unfortunately baking under the sun.

Luckily, we now have a wonderful selection of beauty products that are ideal for summer. From toe to scalp, there is a remedy to your summer beauty woes, and many are available right here in town.

Here are the easiest ways to combat summer skin.

Dry, Scaly, Lizard Skin

Yes, you know what that means — that stubborn layer of dead skin cells that sits on your skin, almost reptilian in texture, like dust on a piano, selfishly covering the dewy, glowy skin beneath. It’s inevitable. The dry, scaly, lizard skin shows up about halfway through your vacation after a few days of sandy feet and underestimating your necessary SPF number.

Thank goodness for Clementine Hand + Body Scrub, which comes in a smart little pouch and works like your own personal exfoliator in the shower. Good day to you, Dead Skin! I said Good Day! Bonus cool points: the scrub is handmade by Masha, a member of the Art of Simple team. There’s a reason it sells out quickly.

Dull, Drab Skin

What Vitamin C does for run-down cold sufferers, it also does for dull, drab skin. You know the skin — it lost its glow and glisten. Let’s be honest: it’s skin that spent too long in the pool. A good healthy dose of Vitamin C (found in superfoods like peppers, strawberries, and oranges) can work from the inside to increase collagen production (oh, hey there, youth!), and is also thought to be the best topical antioxidant for promoting radiant, healthy skin. Now you can take your immunity boosting, radical reducing philosophy to the shower with a daily dose, straight from soap.

Vitamin C Soap has powerful antioxidants that fight environmental stressors and it’s made from a potent mixture of ingredients extracted from wild berries, plants, herbs, and flowers, including cloudberries, which have more than four times more Vitamin C than an orange. Your skin will thank you.

Frizzy Hair and Tired, Dry, Inflamed, or Sunburned Skin

That’s right, there’s an easy solution for treating multiple beauty issues at one time, from the frizziest hair on your head to the driest crack on your heel. Goe−e- Natural Body Oil is on Masha’s favorite list, and it’s easy to see why because it’s a product that addresses so many different summer beauty issues. Described as ‘lighter than a body butter and longer lasting than a moisturizer,’ this lightweight oil can be used everywhere, and with a blend of twenty-eight plant, fruit and flowers oils (and, ahem, butter), Goe−e= is where you should ‘go’ for whatever ails you in the beauty department.

Sand, sun, surf, pool — all of our favorite summer things. But when your favorite summer activities start taking their toll on your skin and hair, you know what to do, and luckily the Art of Simple in Seaside has got you covered.

Now, go slather on your highest SPF and celebrate summer!

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