The Amazing Shake

The Amazing Shake is a competition that places an emphasis on teaching students manners, discipline, respect, and professional conduct. Prior to the competition, students learn the nuances of professional interactions and are taught skills, such as how to give a proper handshake, how to “work a room,” how to give a successful interview, and how to remain composed under pressure. ​The goal is to prepare our students so they are able to present themselves exceptionally well for opportunities both today and in the future.

“Even though middle schoolers aren’t known for stepping outside of their comfort zone, our students really embrace the spirit of this competition and let their creativity and confidence shine,” says Principal Kim Mixson. “Because we have such dedicated support from the Seaside School Foundation and the Walton County community, we can give our students the opportunity to practice these real-world skills and learn things that can only be taught outside a traditional classroom setting.”

Since The Amazing Shake is in its sixth year at Seaside, students have their favorite challenges. Sixth grader and finalist Evelyn O’Connell says her favorite element of Round One was “Work the Room” because “it’s so interesting to meet all kinds of different people and explore new ideas by talking with them.” Chloe Davis, eighth grader and finalist, shares that the ESPN Zone Challenge is her favorite. “It really kept me on my toes and it’s exciting to interact with all different kinds of people in our community and talk about things that matter to me.”

The Top 20 Semi-Finalists then moved on to compete in a more intensive Round Two on Jan. 27 at Thrills Laser Tag and Arcade. Students competed at three stations: You’re Fired/Sports Pep Talk, job interviews, and a “live” TV commercial. The top 11 scorers advanced to the final round held at the Premier Property Group’s Seascape offices later that day. This was really where the pressure was on. Students performed a prepared monologue for the audience of judges and family members. Then, students were asked to debate different topics, including “banning golf carts on 30A,” and then answered questions in a one-on-one interview.

Proud winners for this year’s competition are: Chloe Davis (eighth grade), Maggie Mitchell (eighth grade), Evelyn O’Connell (sixth grade), and Reese Akins (fifth grade). They are preparing to move on to the National Competition at the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Ga. Good luck, ladies!

Another important purpose for programs like this is to introduce innovative ideas to other schools. This year, Van R. Butler Elementary Principal Jimmy Ross, who observed Rounds One and Two said, “This is an excellent program that we are thrilled to start incorporating into our leadership curriculum at the elementary level.” It is the Seaside School’s hope that the program can expand beyond our school and include students from across Walton County.

Amazing Shake By The Numbers 2023

1- school in Walton County that participates in the Amazing Shake — Seaside Neighborhood School

6- years the Seaside Neighborhood School has hosted The Amazing Shake.

4- students who will compete in the National Amazing Shake at the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta.

5- business partners: Nigel’s Fancy Bananas, Moo La La, Thrills Laser Tag & Arcade, Vineyard Vines, The Donut Hole, The Premier Property Group

11- students will participated in the Final Round at The Premier Property Group offices

20- students participated in Round Two

30- Seacoast High School students volunteered

60- community members volunteered as judges for Rounds One, Two, and Three

175- SNS students participated in The Amazing Shake 2023

Photo cutline:

Congratulations to the FINAL FOUR students that will compete at the Ron Clark Academy’s National Amazing Shake Competition March 17-19 in Atlanta, Ga.

Chloe Davis, eighth

Maggie Mitchell, eighth

Eveyln O’Connell, sixth

Reese Akins, fifth

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