Meet the Marketing Team: The Faces Behind Seaside, Florida’s Social Media

If you follow our @seasidefl Instagram account, every day you’re given a sneak peek behind the scenes of our town. Whether it’s a walk to the beach, an adventure at Sundog Books, or a look at one of the many events – like the recent Southern Living Home Builder Summit – these women are on hand to share snaps of all the activity and make you feel like you’re right there with them. 

If you’ve ever been curious about who’s behind the camera, get to know the marketing team – from their favorite places to snap Instagram photos to what their day-to-day looks like. 

Kendall Andrews, a Santa Rosa Beach native, serves as the Senior Director of Brand Management & Marketing, boasting a rich history with Seaside since her teenage years. From part-time gigs since she was 14 to full-time dedication for the past 11 years post-college, Kendall’s journey reflects her deep-rooted connection to the community. Her days oscillate between dynamic meetings and inspirational brainstorming sessions, shaping the brand’s narrative.

When asked about her cherished spot in Seaside, Kendall enjoys spending time at the Seaside Amphitheater, which to her and many others is more than a venue; it’s a place to make memories. She enjoys bringing her almost three-year-old daughter, Bizzy, to dance and play during the Huck & Lily concerts. 

When creating content, Ruskin serves as Kendall’s preferred backdrop for Instagram photos, capturing the essence of Seaside’s charm.

Huck & Lilly Kids Music Performance with kids dancing

Madison Spence grew up in DeFuniak Springs, Fla., attended Florida State University, and then moved to New York City for a few years, where she worked in social media for major travel brands. 

Madison made her way back to Seaside four years ago, and is now working as the Director of Marketing – while she started out by managing the town’s many social media on her own, her team has since grown. 

Look for Madison at the new Boardwalk Bar at The Shrimp Shack, which she describes as “the perfect spot to watch the sunset while enjoying fresh seafood and a glass of bubbly.”  

And this Instagram expert is always up-to-date on the most creative places to snap memorable vacation photos. 

“If you’re looking for a true hidden spot to snap a fun photo, head out of Central Square and choose a sandy path that winds through the residential area to explore. There are countless spots that are sources of inspiration to capture – unique picket fences, sundials, pastel-colored homes, and so much more,” Madison promised. 

Meanwhile, Jami Ray, hailing from Freeport, Fla., infuses her creativity into the role of Content Marketing Manager. Jami’s days are a whirlwind of capturing the essence of Seaside through her lens, sketching designs for posters and events, and ideating content that resonates with the community.

What captivates Jami about Seaside is its boundless ingenuity. From the iconic picket fence designs to the endless Gulf views, inspiration awaits at every corner. Her favorite photo spots include the sandy beaches and the quaint post office, each offering a picturesque backdrop that encapsulates the essence of Seaside.

Seaside, FL Beach

Kendall Nieball lived in Fayetteville, Tenn. before making 30A her home. Kendall worked as an intern in the summer before becoming Marketing Coordinator – a role she’s happily held for the last year. 

Kendall appreciates how unique every day is, and tells The Seaside Times, “Some days, I go around town to take pictures and video content, while others, I’m at the office planning and brainstorming new ideas for our social media channels.” 

You might find Kendall at Pickle’s Sandbar, which she thinks is “perfect for lunch or happy hour drinks after work.”

And it’s likely you’ll see her with a camera in hand during the golden hour. “My favorite time to capture photo and video content is at sunset, whether at the beach or Central Square,” Kendall says. 

Working at Seaside has been a full circle moment for the Tennessee native. “When I was younger, I used to look at pictures of Seaside and wish I was there on vacation. It still amazes me that I now have a part in creating the content people see when searching for Seaside,” Kendall said. 

Fresh cocktails at Pickle's Sandbar in Seaside, Florida

Danni Donofro Eubanks calls Freeport, Fla., home and works as the Community & Culture Manager. She’s worked for Seaside for the last three years, doing everything from capturing social media content to planning behind the scenes.

Look for Danni at 87 Central, where she’s grabbing sushi or sipping wine – she’s also a fan of snapping beach pictures for Seaside’s Instagram accounts, and can be found by the Coleman Pavilion. 

“My favorite thing about working in Seaside is just getting to be in Seaside everyday,” Danni shared. “It’s such a unique, magical place and I feel so fortunate that I get to be a part of this community.” 

Fine Dining at 87 Central Square, Seaside: Indulge in high-quality cuisine at our vineyard.


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