Jamie Gummere of Blush Beauty Lounge Shares Expert Skincare Tips

Jamie Gummere of Blush Beauty Lounge gives her best skincare tips

Contributed by Jamie Gummere of Blush Beauty Lounge

This article is a bit late…One year, actually. I was supposed to write this article for The Seaside Time’s spring issue of 2020, but then this little thing called COVID happened and the issue was put on hold.

I’ve now helped clients after they’ve been inside their homes for months without seeing other humans, and maybe their skincare and makeup routines were put to the side. Okay, not maybe, they most definitely were. (Quarantine eyebrows are a real thing.)

I’ve compiled my favorite “back from quarantine” products and tips for spring and summer:

*Use Vitamin C every morning to prevent oxidative and environmental stress on the skin (oxidative stress leaves the skin lacking luster, brightness, and firmness). I could probably write an entire article on the benefits of Vitamin C, but I’ll save you from my rant. Here’s what I tell my clients: If you are over the age of 25 and you live anywhere on this planet, you need to wear a Vitamin C. Everyday. For the rest of your life. My favorite is SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic. It’s liquid gold.

*See your favorite local aesthetician for monthly or quarterly treatments (I suggest the Hydrafacial and SkinPen micro-needling for low downtime and big results treatments). The Hydrafacial has become the gold standard in every aesthetic room. A deep cleanse, followed by a glycolic/salicylic blend of acids, extractions, and a hydrating finish leaves skin squeaky clean, hydrated and glowing.
*SPF. You hear it all the time because it’s crucial to anti-aging and, more importantly, helps prevent sun damage. Use an SPF that contains zinc oxide for the best UVA protection. My personal favorite is Elta MD (recommended by dermatologists and the Skin Cancer Foundation). Speaking of dermatologists, go see one. It’s important to have an annual screening.
*And now, for the fun stuff. We just feel a little peppier with a new blush and gloss. Try Jane Iredale Just Kissed lip and cheek stain in Forever Pink. It’s quick, easy, and lightweight for the beach. Pick this up at The Art of Simple.

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