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Farmers Market Flowers: Peach Creek Blooms offers gorgeous local arrangements

Margaret Abrams

Posted on Jun 02, 2022 in Farmers Market , Peach Creek Blooms , Point Washington

Peach Creek Blooms add the perfect amount of color to the farmers market every Saturday morning. It’s likely you’ve walked by before and noticed the gorgeous blooms. But blink and you’ll miss them, because they go fast. By the day’s end of the farmers market, there’s usually only a bloom or two left.

Jonathan Douglas and his wife Serena started Peach Creek Blooms in Point Washington in 2017, and have been growing gorgeous local flowers ever since. The Seaside Times chatted with Serena and Jonathan to find out what grows best in our climate, how to get started making your own bouquet and what to know the next time you pick up some fun flowers.

Farmers Market Flowers: Peach Creek Blooms offers gorgeous local arrangements

Tell me a little bit about Peach Creek Blooms. How did you get started?

We started after about a year of growing test flowers to see if we could grow in sufficient quantities and types to meet the expected demand. We wanted to do something that Serena and I could work on together, as well as do something for our community.

There was an obvious lack of fresh cut locally grown flowers in our area, and we liked the idea of doing something that would be both rewarding, fun and beautiful. When we started, Serena’s mother lived next door to our farm, and we were able to see her every day and bring her fresh flowers.

What are some of the flowers that grow best in Florida?

We grow what works in our climate. Over the years we’ve added some new ones and stopped growing others if we didn’t think they would have a good vase life or couldn’t meet our quality standard. This year we are growing bachelor buttons, larkspur, cosmos, marigolds, nigella, dahlias, gomphrena, lisianthus, ranunculus, snapdragons, strawflowers, sweet william, yarrow, zinnia and rudbeckia. Last year, we grew more than 600 dahlias of about 30 different types and this year we planted over 1200 ranunculus for an early season flower. We will also grow more than 1000 sunflowers, both a white and more traditional orange.

Farmers Market Flowers: Peach Creek Blooms offers gorgeous local arrangements

What’s your favorite thing about letting people choose their own bouquets? What are some of your most popular flowers?

It’s a lot of fun to see what people come up with. We encourage them to do what feels right to them and no matter what they do it always turns out great. We are constantly amazed at their talent and creativity. Sometimes people just want to have something to grab and go so we make up some bouquets in advance.

What tips do you have for people who are looking to grow their own flowers in our area?

We share any advice we can give about growing in our north Florida climate. We are constantly learning and finding different methods. Currently we are experimenting with growing in hoop houses to extend our growing season. We always recommend that people grow the flowers that they enjoy and keep at it. It can be tough in the heat of the summer.

Farmers Market Flowers: Peach Creek Blooms offers gorgeous local arrangements

How long have you been at the Seaside Farmers Market? What do you like about being there?

We started at the Seaside Farmers Market in 2018 so this will be our 4th year. Seaside Farmers Market is more directly linked to local fresh foods than other markets in our area, so we really like that focus as it fits with our philosophy to provide local fresh cut flowers grown in a sustainable manner to our community. We also love the diversity and friendliness of people who shop at the market. We have regulars and one-time visitors who are all willing to take the time to enjoy our flowers and swap stories.

Where else can people find your flowers?

We sell to local florists in addition to at the Seaside Farmers Market. We cut almost every day during the season and sometimes people contact us directly. 1920 & Co. Florists in Santa Rosa Beach is a great partner with us, and we try to make sure they always have our flowers on hand.