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Amavida earns high ranking espresso, B Corp. recognition

Posted on Aug 29, 2019 in Amavida , Espresso Mandarina , Coffee Review , September–October 2019 , Certified B Corp , Dan Bailey , Sally Bailey

The staff at Amavida celebrate another day of roasting great coffee. Photo by Aleighsa Wright / Wright Media LLC

Amavida earns high ranking espresso, B Corp. recognition by Wendy O. Dixon

This past summer Coffee Review tasted Amavida’s Espresso Mandarina and gave it a score of 94 points, also ranking it among the highest scoring espressos in their June tasting report. This is the classic espresso served at Amavida’s Seaside and other local cafe locations. In 2018 this espresso was also ranked as one of the top in the nation, earning a silver medal in the Golden Bean Awards.

Martin Trejo, Amavida’s director of coffee, considers Espresso Mandarina a “classic” espresso because it has persistent crema, heavy body and plenty of sweetness to hold up in a milk based beverage. “Espresso Mandarina is a blend of Natural Ethiopia Sidama Telamo and Washed Congo Muungano. Both of these coffees are certified Fair Trade and Organic,” he adds. “Although they may be a little unorthodox for an espresso blend, I find they compliment each other very nicely in the finished product. The Natural Sidama brings body, crema and fruit flavors while the Congo brings sweetness, citrus, clarity and balances the blend. I consider this a classic espresso based on how I am anticipating the coffee to be used. In most cases this blend is served with milk, so I approach this roast to have plenty of body and character to cut through the added texture. In the instances where the espresso is served on its own, I need this coffee to be balanced and sweet without overwhelming acidity or an unpleasant aftertaste. We need our espresso blend to be a workhorse that can be used in many different ways, while also being approachable to a wide array of consumers. Espresso Mandarina achieves all of this for Amavida, and is one of our most popular blends”

Amavida earns high ranking espresso, B Corp. recognition

Amavida’s Espresso Mandarina earned a score of 94 points in Coffee Review. Photo by Jack Gardner

More recently, the community of Certified B Corporations has named Amavida Coffee Roasters as a Best For The World Honoree in recognition of their significant positive impact on their community and for how they’ve built this level of car for their community into their business model. B Lab describes the recognition as follows: “Ranking in the top 10 percent of all 3,000 B Corps for their positive impact on their community, Amavida Coffee Roasters earned this honor because of their exemplary supplier relations and involvement in their local community of Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Amavida Coffee Roasters was also assessed on their practices and policies around community service and charitable giving, including whether their product or service is designed to solve a social issue, such as access to basic services, health, education, economic opportunity and the arts.”

“This is incredible,” says Jennifer Pawlik, program manager and benefit officer at Amavida. “Through our work we want to have a positive impact from our coffee producers’ communities to our own. We rely on the people who we serve to support this work. It is such an honor to have customers and neighbors who share our love of coffee, values for supporting local businesses, and also are committed making choices that can make a difference for the planet and the people on it. Thanks to the people in our community for the opportunity to serve you our locally roasted coffee! Thank you to the local purveyors who allow us to serve their great products (like Noli South Kombutcha, Big Jerk Soda, and Crust Bakery to name a few)! Thank you to our devoted team members (some who drive a good distance to work with us) for keeping our guest happy and the coffee hot! Thank you to our communities and non-profits who give us the opportunity to promote the arts and sustainability (like The REP and The Seaside Institute)! Together we can do big things when we think global, act local. The B Corp Community isn’t only recognizing Amavida with this award, they are recognizing all of us here. Way to go! You inspire us and enable to be “Best For The World.”