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What's New: New Pétanque Park

Posted on Jul 01, 2013 in Pétanque , July-August 2013

Seaside is pleased to announce a new pétanque park available to any who want to enjoy the game with a group of friends. Located next to the Bud & Alley’s Pizza Bar, the park is equipped with lights so players can enjoy it day or night. The game of pétanque is similar to horseshoes and bocce. Players throw chrome boules (balls) at a small wooden ball called the cochonnet, without moving his or her feet. A player may hit the cochonnet or an opponent’s boule, which can change the score dramatically. Points are counted when all players have tossed their boules, though only the team with the boule closest to the cochonnet may count their points. The points are the number of boules the leading team has that are closer to the cochonnet than the closest boule of the losing team. The teams keep playing until one team has 13 points. Seaside homeowners Calvin and Francis Fayard and William Sasser donated the use of the site for the pétanque park, and town founders Robert and Daryl Davis and Mr. Sasser donated the landscaping. Seaside staff members Kim Weaver and Vijay Cohoon supervised its completion. Players of all ages and skill levels are invited to play. Equipment may be purchased at Central Square Records.