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Two New Books Shine the Spotlight on 30A

Posted on Sep 01, 2014 in Sunsets of 30A , Meet me on 30A , Sundog Books , September-October 2014

“Sunsets of 30A” shines a ray of light on local photographers including Bud & Alley’s longtime bartender, Mo Moseley

Because of the beautiful beach towns that dot it, Scenic Highway 30A is often affectionately likened to a “string of pearls.” Cultured pearls, that is. Beautiful, simple, but each unique in its own way. Though the “personalities” of each town along Scenic Highway 30A are distinctly different, one commonality connects them all — the glory of the setting sun into the Gulf of Mexico.

These daily celebrations along the 18 or so miles of Scenic Highway 30A are beautifully captured in a new book by local resident and first-time editor/publisher Cindy Moskovitz entitled “Sunsets of 30A: The Magic of Light on the Emerald Coast.”

“Sunsets of 30A” beautifully and simply celebrates the joy of stellar sunsets. The book showcases 168 stunning images contributed by a mix of 135 local and visiting photographers — some professional, but many amateur. The photographs depicted were selected from more than 700 submissions.

Seaside’s Bud & Alley’s has made the setting of the sun into a beloved daily ritual that has become a coveted tradition for locals and visitors alike for nearly 30 years. The restaurant’s rooftop bar has an enviable view for the sun’s final bow. So, it goes without saying that longtime Bud & Alley’s bartender Mo Moseley has seen more than his fair share of sunsets. Moskovitz thought one of Moseley’s sunset photos was about as delicious as his famous margarita and so she featured it in her new book (page 113).

Moseley’s dramatic, fiery photo features the iconic and statuesque Coleman pavilion glittering into the fading dusk. “My office wallpaper” is the quote that accompanies his image, which is by any measure a pretty nice job perk.

Moskovitz and her husband, Scott, share a passion for photography and particularly enjoy collecting images that capture the true spirit of the many places they’ve lived in and traveled to. After seeing fervent responses to sunset images, her own and others, frequently shared on Facebook, Cindy began to think about collecting 30A’s sunsets into a book. Part of her desire was simply to gather them in one place, but another personal reason for publishing the book was to shine a ray of light, so to speak, on the work and talent of local and visiting photographers she personally admires.

“Many of them are off the grid and do not have galleries or studios and so their work might not ever be discovered especially by visitors just passing through, who don’t know where to find their work,” Moskovitz said.

In addition to Moseley’s image, the book features many local fixtures of 30A including Dawn Chapman Whitty, Claire Bannerman, Shelly Swanger, Ginger Jackson Sinton, Lynn Nesmith, Elam Stoltzfus, Douglas Bock, Jamie Conley, Scotty Lisenbe, Christy Milliken among others.

As a local and lover of 30A, it was important to Moskovitz to create the book by sourcing local talent: Colleen Duffley Productions designed it, artist Joan Vienot created the map, and Boyd Brothers printed it.

Beyond being a “coffee table” book for beach lovers, “Sunset of 30A” is sure to appeal to a broad audience from bridesmaids looking for the perfect wedding favor to realtors looking for an upscale closing gift to tourists seeking a keepsake souvenir. As the writer says, “It’s a great way to take a bit of 30A home with you.”

Signed copies of the book ($29.95) are available at Sundog Books. Unsigned copies are also available at the Seaside Beach store. For a digital preview and a full roster of local retailers, visit

Two New Books Shine the Spotlight on 30A

“Meet Me on 30A” gives an insider’s perspective on the 30A lifestyle

Long-time local resident and former Seaside Times editor Susan Vallee is thrilled to help locals and tourists experience all of 30A in her new book, “Meet Me on 30A,” published by Southwestern Publishing.

In the book, Vallee delicately blends together Old Florida village life with New Urbanist towns, protected habitats and pristine beaches, as only someone who enjoys it every day could do.

“The book features stunning images by so many world-class photographers,” says 30A’s Mike Ragsdale, who wrote the book’s foreword. “The book also features over two dozen recipes from 30A’s top chefs and restaurants.”

“Meet Me on 30A” has photography by Lauren Alsobrook, Brandon Babineaux, Jamie Conley, Tommy Crow, Amanda Fagan, Jack Gardner, Sheila Goode, Paul Johnson, Jay Thomas, Jacqueline Ward and Dawn Chapman Whitty, among others. The images found throughout the book perfectly capture the unique beauty of 30A’s communities, rare coastal dune lakes, state parks, local restaurants and shops, signature annual events, and of course, Scenic 30A’s pristine white-sand beaches.

Photographer Brandon Babineaux’s stunning shot of lightning hitting the Gulf in Seaside is included in the book, as wells as a two-page spread on the town of Seaside and its wonderful restaurants.

The book sells for $19.95 and is available at Sundog Books, the Hidden Lantern bookstore, everywhere products are sold and through, as well as on