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Tiny Books with Big Intentions

Posted on Oct 31, 2019 in Sundog Books , Holiday Gifts , November-December 2019

Tiny black velvet boxes, a letter that begins ‘congratulations on your recent lottery win,’ small Tiffany blue bags; it’s no secret that good things come in little packages. And little packages fit so perfectly into stockings. This holiday season, amidst all the diamonds and other sparklers, include some of these literary gems from Sundog Books. Great pieces of reading, yet physically small enough to fit into a stocking before it’s hung by the chimney with care.

For That Special Someone

The stress of the holidays causes husbands and wives everywhere to get a little bit, well, snippy with each other. Remind each other (and yourself) how much you truly do love and value your partner by slipping The 1913 editions of “Don’t for Husbands” and “Don’t for Wives” by Blanche Ebbutt into their stocking this year. Each version holds hundreds of pearls of wisdom that are so true that they are still true more than 100 years after the book was first written, including categories such as Personalities, Financial Matters, Jealousy, Food, Dress, Children and How to Avoid Discord. What a great way to avoid discord during the holidays. You’re welcome.

For the Teens

Guaranteed to draw the most sullen teenager away from Instagram for a while, this creatively printed series of young adult books is a must for stockings this year. In a graphic design twist, these books open vertically for a unique reading experience and include such important-to-read YA titles as “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton and “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green. It’s just different enough to earn you some points with your teenagers during the holidays.

For Your Best Girls

Described as a heroine, demigoddess, soldier and peacemaker, Wonder Woman has been an icon for more than 75 years. “The Wisdom of Wonder Woman” by DC Comics is full of girl power quotes from the figure’s history in comics, television and film, and the book itself is beautiful, with a fancy foil cover and golden lasso ribbon. This holiday season, remind the ladies in your life of their inner Wonder Woman with this stocking-sized book.

For the Busy People

Just because you’re on a schedule doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish while checking your planner. Sundog has a unique collection of Daytimers and planners, designed with the busy folks in mind, and these smaller-size planners fit perfectly into backpacks, briefcases, purses, pockets and, as luck would have it, stockings.

For the Creatives

Anyone who has ever wanted to be a writer has taken great pleasure in putting thoughts into a “real writer’s” journal, and it just doesn’t get any more Kirouac than a Moleskin. Available in a variety of colors and styles (lined, unlined, graphed and more), these leather journals offer a stylish and iconic way for writers to collect their thoughts. Shinola and Cavallini journals, also available at Sundog, offer a step up in luxury, and are beautiful in leather and linen.

For Anyone

Neighbors, teachers, friends, coworkers; the art of selecting a gift that can work for anyone isn’t always easily accomplished, but these two little books make great stocking stuffers for anyone. “Acts of Kindness: 101 Ways to Make Our World a Better Place” by Rhonda Sciortino offers 101 thoughtful opportunities for making a difference in someone’s day and in your own life. It’s small enough to fit into a stocking, but the ideas are big enough to change the world. On a more whimsical note, but equally contemplative, is “The Little Book of Otter Philosophy” by Jennifer McCartney. With a slogan like “Live Life Like You Otter,” this tiny book is exactly the right gift for so many different types of people on your list.

Gifts we give others are also gifts to ourselves, given in the pleasure we take knowing we can bring a moment or two of joy into someone else’s life. And those these literary gems are small enough to fit into a stocking, they’re big enough in meaning to makes someone’s holidays merry, bright, and just a little more memorable.

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Tiny Books with Big Intentions