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The Seaside Institute Publishes Civic Guide

Posted on Nov 01, 2015 in The Seaside Institute , Civic Guide , November-December 2015

The Seaside Institute has published a Seaside civic guide to celebrate the town’s considerable inventory of buildings and institutions that have evolved during its 30 plus-year history.

The coffee-table quality 28-page guide includes photos of Seaside’s civic buildings and monuments, most of its public spaces and a map showing where they are located. In addition to the civic infrastructure built in Seaside, the guide contains information about the civic institutions that have been created within that infrastructure — Seaside Neighborhood School, The Seaside Institute, the Seaside Chapel, Escape to Create and the Seaside Repertory Theatre (The REP). Bookending the guide are two brief essays written by Seaside town founder Robert Davis and Seaside town planner Andrés Duany on the importance of civic life in towns and cities.

Made available to homeowners for free during the town’s annual Homeowners Weekend in October, the guide will also be available for purchase.

“Our civic buildings, art and institutions are at least as important as the houses, shops and restaurants in drawing people to our wonderful town,” states Robert Davis in his message in the guide. This publication gives credit to their contributions.

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