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The Seacoast Collegiate High School Class of 2017 Has Much to Celebrate

Posted on Jul 01, 2017 in Seacoast Collegiate High School , Class of 2017 , July-August 2017

The 2017 class of Seacoast Collegiate High School (SCHS) has much to celebrate. In addition to graduating during the school’s 20th anniversary, the class of 2017 is No. 1, meaning it is the first senior class to graduate having completed grades 9 through 12 here.

All 35 seniors in the 2017 class have been accepted to at least one major college or university.

All Class of 2017 students graduated with a Florida High School diploma, and the 33 seniors who attended SCHS for the full four years also earned an Associate’s degree (AA) from Northwest Florida State College.

The 2017 senior class makes the grade, with 57 percent carrying a 4.0 or higher weighted grade point average (GPA) and 20 of 35 students already qualifying for Bright Futures scholarships.

The average SAT scores for the class of 2017 is 1166, which is 179 points higher than the District (987) and 146 higher than the state of Florida (1020).

Compared to 131,621 students who took the ACT across the state, SCHS class of 2017 scored higher in all subject areas, with an overall average score of 26.6 (36 is a perfect composite score) compared to 19.9 overall average across the state of Florida.

During their tenure at SCHS, the class of 2017 has contributed over 4,200 hours of community service, which equates to working 24-hours a day, 7-days a week for six months.

Collectively, the 2017 class of SCHS has earned $1,856,550 in scholarship funds.

As of March 2017, 73 college acceptance letters have been received including West Point, University of Florida (honors), Florida State University, University of San Francisco, Savannah School of Art & Design, Lipscombe, and Ole Miss, to name a few.

“We are proud to recognize the hard work of our dedicated seniors,” says Seacoast Collegiate High School principal Jonathan D’Avignon. “The future is theirs and they are well prepared to seize it.”