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The REP Theatre enriches children’s lives all year long

Posted on Jul 01, 2016 in The REP , Children , July–August 2016

Although the school year is over, that doesn’t mean that the Seaside Repertory Theatre (The REP) takes a break from bringing theatre to kids through their mentoring initiatives. Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation’s All Kinds of Art has partnered with The REP to expand its vision of arts outreach. Throughout its 20-year history, All Kinds of Art (AKA) has inspired more than 275,000 children in more than 60 schools. Part of the outreach includes school and centers dedicated to serving students with special needs. A majority of schools and centers in the AKA service area are in rural and underserved communities, which often lack access to arts programming.

AKA has partnered with The REP to bring engaging and empowering theater programs directly to the children attending United Way Agencies in Okaloosa and Walton counties dedicated to helping low-income and high-risk children realize their full potential through empowering programs in the arts. Kids at the Eleanor Johnson Center and Boys and Girls Clubs of Destin, South Walton and DeFuniak Springs have been treated to performances of “The Commedia Rapunzel” and “The Complete History of America” (abridged) as well as impactful improv workshops.

“We are thrilled to be able to deliver quality theatre productions and hands-on workshops by The REP to area youth that are both memorable and engaging — especially in those in underserved communities. These are especially invaluable experiences for those children who lack access to the magic of theater,” says Melanie Moore, education director of Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation’s All Kinds of Art.

The improv workshops have been a great success. Studies show these kinds of art classes provide numerous benefits to children, including increased confidence, team development skills, critical thinking and enhanced brainstorming abilities, improved spatial intelligence and creative ability. The actors have found that some of the quietest kids at the beginning are bursting with creativity and joy after just a few minutes into the class.

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