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Take a Walk in Trendy Comfort Around Town

Posted on Sep 01, 2018 in Willow + Woods , Shoes , Clothing , Modern , September–October 2018

Effortless chic clothing, shoes and accessories for modern men and women.

As you take your casual strolls around town, along the beach, shopping or out to dinner, be sure to keep your feet in fashion and comfort with Tretorn sneakers, available at Willow + Woods, located in Central Square. These Swedish sneakers have been favored by tennis players, country club members and musicians over the decades and now are a “must-have” for every fashionista crossing all generations.

The kicks come in suede, leather, velvet, glitter and even shearling, appealing to a variety of styles. Have fun collecting several pairs to add to your wardrobe in a variety of colors and prints that are on trend. Each shoe is fitted with an EcoOrtholite insole that provides comfort with moisture-wicking materials, and reduces your carbon footprint. Imagine the possibilities as you pair them with a plaid pop-out shoulder dress or keep it plush with a bright, neon velvet button-down and some cords. Pick up your step and get a pair for around $90 at Willow + Woods.

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