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Students Gaining Skills

Posted on Jan 01, 2018 in Modica Market , Exceptional Education Department , Work-Based Learning , January-February 2018

Shine Burnham and Jakob Schumacher stock shelves at Modica Market.

Modica Market recently welcomed some ambitious youngsters to participate in a new work-study program designed by South Walton High School’s Exceptional Education Department. You might see the students stocking shelves or sweeping floors at the Seaside grocery store, which was one of the first businesses to jump on board and support the program and the students.

“The Work-Based Learning (WBL) Program at South Walton High School is a structured program where our special needs students gain valuable work-based experience at Modica Market and other participating businesses,” says Tim O’Toole, Work-Based learning coordinator.

The program offers students a chance to extend their classroom learning into a workplace setting, combining classroom activities with actual career experience. The purpose is to provide students the opportunity to connect what they learn in school with work site application. Students are also able to work on social skills in real life settings. “This will enable a smooth transition into the work force or post-secondary education upon high school graduation,” O’Toole adds. “Students will learn about various skills in the career setting that will enable them to choose a field of employment with ease.”

Students Gaining Skills