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Southern Living features Seaside in its June issue

Posted on Jun 29, 2019 in Southern Living , July-August 2019

Seaside recently was featured in Southern Living magazine. The article entitled, “The Perfect Beach Town: Seven Things to Do in Seaside, Florida, This Summer” was written by Kaitlyn Yarborough. An excerpt follows:

Seaside was created as a “new old town,” inspired by classic beach communities across the South. All of the secret bike paths, white picket fences, and blue umbrellas work together to reflect the motto “A simple, beautiful life.”

And there’s plenty of cause for celebration in Seaside, especially for those who still remember its beginnings. This picturesque coastal community, which was brand-new a few decades ago, now feels like home.

Modica Market, the one and only grocery ever opened in the town circle, continues serving customers, dawn to dusk, after 30 years in business. Here, freshly squeezed lemonade makes the summer weather feel just a little bit cooler; the house-made, meringue-topped banana pudding is the stuff of legend; and the founding family are still minding the store.

Baseball-capped deli workers start taking orders at 7 a.m., peering over fresh chicken biscuits and chocolate croissants. In the small market, second-generation owner Charlie Modica stocks wooden shelves, while his sister, Carmel Modica, works one of two registers up front.

Undoubtedly, this is exactly what it looked like here yesterday, the day before, and the year before that. For locals and visitors alike, there’s a peculiar comfort in knowing that, no matter how many years go by, some things at Seaside never change.

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