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Slow Down!

Posted on Feb 28, 2020 in Seaside Tennis , Tracy Townsend , March-April 2020

This is a great tip for everyone arriving to Seaside this spring. It also relates well to your tennis game. Slow down.

My dad had a great saying, “You couldn’t wait to miss that, son!” He was right. And you all do it. Tennis shots need to develop, and if you can slow yourself down, it will help you make your shots.

You still need to prepare early. Pick your shot. Commit to it so you can prepare. Get your racket back or in the proper spot for the chosen shot. Then execute, but at the appropriate speed. If you rush, you’ll likely miss.

Moving to the ball is obviously crucial. But getting to the ball too early can also be bad. Most of you have the patience of a rabbit, and you also jump around like one. Taking time to step into a shot with balance or step through a volley will aid in your ability to make more shots.

I like my last step into a shot to be aggressive so that I have my body weight behind my shot. I may slow up in the middle on my way to the shot so I can make that last step aggressively. Getting there too early can make you pull off a shot or even change your commitment to a shot. Both are bad things. Slow down.

Finally, finish your shot. Once you choose the shot and execute the shot, make sure you have a full finish. Follow through properly. Return to the ready position. Shuffle back or move to the right spot for the next shot. Slow your mind down to prepare for what’s next.

Try some of these tips the next time you’re on the court. And for visitors just arriving to Seaside, slow down, you’re on vacation.

See you on the court this spring.

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