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What's New: Seaside’s Newest Airstream, Sóng, Opens

Posted on Jul 01, 2014 in Asian Food , Airstream Row , July-August 2014

Serving southeast Asian-inspired, street food-style dishes from fresh local products, Sóng is the latest Airstream in Seaside. Owner and chef Tommy Stein is a local who returned home after a decade away from Santa Rosa Beach. Stein got his start in kitchens on 30A when he was 14 years old. He left for California to pursue its lively food scene and he soon found himself ascending the ranks in the culinary world of San Francisco. He was drawn away by an offer to work in Australia, where he spent the next four years running kitchens, surfing and dipping out to Asia whenever possible. Tommy’s travel bug is fueled by more than just an ache for the next surf break — he chases the flavors and spices of the street food fare. Food carts and the sagacious old ladies of the back alleys of Southeast Asia have inspired the menu at Sóng.